Shaquille O’Neal wants to play for Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls

Shaquille O’Neal has won four NBA championship rings, including three Finals MVPs, and if he joins Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls, those numbers could add even more throughout his career.

In fact, the legendary former center revealed on his own show, “Shaq’s Big Podcast,” that he had the chance to join the Hornets in 1996, the first of his first four seasons as a pro. Try free agency. vs. the Orlando Magic.

“If we knew it was acceptable, many of us might change,” In his space above, O’Neal talked about forming the Big Three with Jordan and Scottie Pippen on the Bulls in the 1990s. “If I knew it was acceptable, I would have gone to Chicago. If I had known it was acceptable, I would have gone to play with the Spurs. If I had known it was right, I would have gone to play with the Utah Jazz Such teamwork.”

Granted, the 15-time All-Star chose a different path, choosing the Los Angeles Lakers, who despite being a legacy franchise were going through a mini-drought and lacking big names.

“We always think ‘No, you’re the guy. You have to do this. You have to say, you have to make the trade, you have to do this. You can’t leave.’ And me, ‘I think he (Kevin Duran) Special) did this before he was accepted.”Shaq continued.

“It’s acceptable now that people just want to be here, they want to do this. ‘Oh, hey, you play on this team, let’s join this team and create the Big Three.’ But again, if I knew this is acceptable, I would just “go to the Bulls and play with Mike (Jordan)”eventually leading the Lakers to three consecutive championships (1999-00, 2000-01-2001-02).

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