Share SSM’s recommendations for hepatitis prevention

  • Health units carry out free safety testing

In commemoration of World Hepatitis Day on July 28, the Morelos State Health Service (SSM) reported that all types of hepatitis are preventable and recommendations should be followed to avoid infection with the virus.

In response, Majella Hernández Juárez, national coordinator for HIV, AIDS, STIs and Hepatitis C at SSM, said it was necessary to wash hands regularly with soap and water, and to consume clean food and purified water.

“Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E of all types is preventable and safe and free testing is provided by the health service, so people without rights can go to their health center for information And complete the vaccination program because it helps prevent and detect the virus,” he said.

Hernandez Juarez explained that condoms should be used during sex and that contaminated sharp objects should be avoided, and that people who inject psychoactive substances are at higher risk of contracting the disease.

Finally, he pointed out that if you need blood transfusion, you must go to a safe place; before getting a tattoo or piercing, please check whether the staff has a professional qualification certificate or a health control card.

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