Sharon Stone is “disabled” 22 years after the birth of her son AVC: these touching revelations

“Ce qui m’est reellelement has arrived…” In 2001, Sharon StoneAt 43, she has a serious sense of health, so she doesn’t let her past show. In 2016, the American actress and producer is taking a closer look at where she has come, explain it yourself. experience of imminent death. “I have been expecting for a long time that everything will be fine”confirmed Sharon Stone on October 4 in an agreed-upon interview. People where the artist should be advertised.

In 2001, Sharon Stone became a victim of a serious cerebrovascular accident (SVA).. The vertebral art is broken and worn out in the brain of the American actress and producer, who has been wearing it for the past few days, unless it becomes inoperable. The situation is so serious that doctors believe Sharon Stone is not here.1% chance of survival to this AVC. Finally, Sharon Stone is in love. She was never born with serious consequences that she wanted to hide for a long time.

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Sharon Stone: Is my career getting in the way?

“I need a minimum of uninterrupted dinner hours.”confess to Sharon Stone in the columns People. And it’s hidden for a very specific reason. “As long as the brain medications you are taking are working well and you don’t need pas de crisis of epilepsyThis great health limitation has no consequences for the star’s career. Remember all, The basic Instinct and etc. Ratched. “I am disabled and for this reason I am no longer disabled for cinema”– says Sharon Stone in the same interview organized by our American colleagues. “Ce sont des selectedes auxquelles je fais face depuis 22 ans, et je les ouvertement aujourd’hui.”

Sharon Stone travels with confidence in a very simple rhythm that passes by, but she has deliberately left the touring plateau. She is equally devoted to her three children: Roan, adopted in 2000, Laird, adopted in 2005, and Quinn, adopted in 2006.

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