Sharon Stone, statuesque physicist in a suit: this is how the 65-year-old shows herself on Instagram, natural shot

Physicist Sharon Stone
How Sharon Stone has changed over time/Facebook photo @Sharon Stone Official Fans (

Sharon Stone shared a picture of her statuesque 65-year-old physique, ready to try on a swimsuit.

Fans bombarded his post with comments that clearly caused a stir, not because the star shared a photo in a suit, but because of a stately physique that he still boasts of at 65 years of age.

Perfect body, be the envy of women half his agealways unkempt blond hair and a girlish soul, which, perhaps, most of all has always characterized her aesthetic.

How Sharon Stone has the perfect body

Actress best known her very sensual role in “Basic Instinct” and the famous crossing of the legs looks exactly the same today as it did thirty years ago. She still wears bikinis, but she also loves one-pieces: she dares to choose colors and shapes. However, he shares his fitness concerns with a bit of amusement, just like everyone else: “Why do I always manage to achieve my ideal shape right after the end of the summer?”. Her skin is always smooth and tender though he does not hide the wrinkles, which, obviously, have affected his face over time.

image of Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone is proud of her appearance/Facebook photo @Sharon Stone Official Fans (

In 2001, she was the victim of a serious health problem, a brain aneurysm, which left her in intensive care for a long time. This is what made her understand so much, as she herself admitted, about aging. This segment of life was no longer something dramaticbut it was a gift, a privilege, because she was still alive. She then explained that health comes first for her today, to be beautiful and perfect, you need to work too hard, and now she wants to be free.

A wonderful actress who, however, also made her beauty a point of pride and therefore she always had to deal with a world that cared about her aesthetics as much as her talent. To stay in shape, keep going to the gym. do not drink alcohol and eat foods with a low glycemic index like quinoa, greens, lentils. However, he also practices breathing, painting, sleeping and meditating to observe the spirit and mind, not just the body.

Sharon Stone in a suit: still perfect

Looking at the latest pictures in costumes, it is impossible not to notice that her physique is still perfect. Now he is at an important age, and although his face has changed markedly, his body is still very fit and athletic.

Sharon Stone in a suit
Photo of Sharon Stone in a swimsuit drives everyone crazy / Photo from Instagram @sharonstone (

Not much has passed since his shot with a light veil covering the body and the elevation of the same with a phrase to encourage everyone to be proud and rejoice in their aesthetic. Sure, she can have legs that are still smooth and perfect, a flat belly, and breasts that hold up well over time. Of course, looking at her body, one could never tell that she was a 65-year-old woman.

Sharon Stone is very proud of this, both because it is a symbol of good health for her, and because she is committed to diet and sports, even no frills. Over time, he realized how much more important the concept of health is over beauty, and therefore made it a part of his daily life, also passing on this deep thought to others.

I decided to get old, which is not bad, I decided to get old, getting old is my goal“. To do this, he says, he follows a specific diet of vegetables, eggs, lean proteins like fish and chicken, and does not eat processed or packaged foods, or at least avoids them. The decision to give up alcohol made a big difference. this was a time in her life when she exercised a lot and Madonna inspired her to see what she could do to further improve her health.

Beauty is the result of taking great care of yourself

Physical activity is essential he trains up to 5 times a week combining different types of workouts, from Pilates to yoga and dance. Whenever he can, he moves, so he goes to the gym and also does other activities such as daily life, such as small exercises while relaxing in the bath.

Sharon Stone in a suit
Sharon Stone, how can she be like this/Facebook photo @Sharon Stone Official Fans (

Another thing he considered essential was to take some time, so stay on the couch, read a book, enjoy the fire in the fireplace. Watch out for the joys of life, which can also restore his soul, not just his body. This change, which took place in her adulthood, resulted in her having a breathtaking physique that she boasts with great pride.

Therefore, it is not an “accident” or the result of simple genetics if today, at 65 years old, she can still wear a bikini with all shapes in the right place. If in the past she resorted to some kind of aesthetic retouching, then after her illness she decided that she would never use these means again. After a stroke and brain hemorrhage, she had to have many injections to restore her face to its previous state. he said he took at least 300 doses before his face returned to normal. From that moment on, however, he decided to say enough to each intervention, realizing that it was only appropriate to expose certain things when there was a real need.

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