‘She thinks like a 30-year-old’ – Shocking Serena Williams symbolism revealed as Coco Gauff surges to huge US Open victory, here’s the inevitable legacy prediction

Coco Gauff shocked the world with her extraordinary success at the U.S. Open. Everyone has high expectations for the 19-year-old, and everything she does is nothing less than that of all her fans. Even those who were skeptical of her brief success were turned off after she won her first Grand Slam title.

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Needless to say, after she became the first American teenager since Serena Williams to win a Grand Slam, there were a lot of comparisons to the tennis legend. Even former French tennis player Marion Bartoli sees a surprising connection between Coco Gauff’s success and Serena Williams’ legend.

Marion Bartoli compares Coco Gauff’s success to Serena Williams’


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In a recent interview with Tennis Grand Slam, Marion Bartoli was asked about Coco Gauff winning the 2023 US Open. The former Wimbledon champion had nothing but praise for the Grand Slam winner. Speaking about Coco, Marion added: ““She’s so driven and she wants this so bad.”

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She added that Coco’s victory at the U.S. Open just a year after Serena Williams retired was symbolic, as if she was continuing her legacy. Marion considers Serena Williams to be Coco’s true inspiration and is following in her footsteps.

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Bartoli also added: “Of course, there’s a big gap between winning one and winning 23, but I just think she has a complete package. She is 19 but thinks like a 30 year old“.

In fact, Marion isn’t the only one who thinks Coco’s success is symbolic for Serena. Serena Williams’ former coach also compared the two after Coco’s US Open win.


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Serena Williams’ former coach Rene Stubbs finds unusual similarities between the two tennis stars’ success

After Coco’s win, Renee Stubbs said that when Coco spoke on the court, everyone was screaming and cheering for her. She said she hadn’t heard people scream like this for anyone other than Serena Williams. Additionally, she added that Coco has a great character and is very mature for her age.

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That’s because her acceptance speech recognized Billie Jean King’s efforts for equal pay, while also paying tribute to her idols Venus and Serena Williams.


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Coco Gauff has a bright future and many of the biggest names in tennis have been supporting her. Do you think she can follow in Serena’s footsteps throughout her career? let us know!

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