She’s the ‘Poker Face’ actress who nearly died multiple times

“Poker Face” promises to be one of the best choices in the police genre.Universal’s production has a strong cast, and as with the show, one of the actresses is dying

Join the Universal+ catalog this week, poker facea hybrid crime and comedy series written, directed and produced by Rian Johnson, whose titles include Between the Knife and the Secret and The Glass Onion: The Knife Out of the Sheath Mystery. The show tells the story of Charlie Carr (Natasha Lyonne), A former professional poker player who is good at body language and can tell if someone is lying. This skill would lead her to be involved in gruesome murders.

The film is scheduled to premiere in Mexico on Aug. 17, after Lyon received an Emmy nomination for her performance.The young New Yorker was recognized for his participation in orange is the new blackalso because he was in Matryoshka, He’s also a screenwriter, which includes his personal anecdotes, like all the times he’s dying.

star of poker face, began his career in Pee-wees Playhouse, a comedy starring the recently deceased Paul Reubens.Gradually he acquired other roles american pie It’s the push he needs in his career. So at the age of 20 he already enjoyed a high level of fame, leading him to lead a life of indulgence.

Leon was addicted to heroin and was on the verge of death several times. Although she never described the experiences in detail, one of the most common causes of death among celebrities is drug overdose, as in the case of Whitney Houston or Philip Seymour Hoffman, however, the actress managed to pass The main character Nadia Volvokov tells about the incident in Matryoshka.

Also in 2001, the actress was arrested for DUI and faced additional charges of drug use, misconduct and failure to appear in court.. 2005 new york post She was hospitalized with hepatitis C, a heart infection and a collapsed lung, reports said. The report detailed that she was being treated with methadone, a drug used to detox heroin users.

But the health complications didn’t stop there, as he underwent open-heart surgery in 2012 that changed his life forever. After ten years out of the spotlight, The actress is recovering and has quickly become one of the most popular celebrities in the industry, Winner of multiple awards, you can now find poker face On Global+.

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