She’s with Tom Brady, but still dreams of marrying Bradley Cooper.

The relationship between Irina Shayk and Tom Brady was not destined to last long. This is exactly what follows from the revelations of an insider, according to which the former top model still dreams of marriage with Bradley Cooper, the father of her daughter Leah. The story between them ended in 2019.

The one who is educated Tom Brady AND Irina Shayk was one of the most talked about couples of the summer. But despite the fact that they were both caught in the same hotel in London in August, where they stayed for 48 hours, their story doesn’t seem destined to last long. Or at least that’s what appears from some of the revelations provided by Page six from an insider. According to the source, the supermodel She hasn’t given up on her dream of marrying her ex-boyfriend Bradley Cooper. She’s just playing with Tom, but will continue to date him if Cooper doesn’t take her to the altar.”. The divorce of the former football star will further complicate the situation: “Brady just got divorced Gisele Bundchen, and doesn’t want to get involved in a serious story. For now, he is mainly focused on his children and his business.“.

Reasons for breaking up with Bradley Cooper

Bradley and Irina had a daughter named Leah, 6 years old. Their story ended in the summer of 2019 after five years of love. According to some rumors, it seems that the film was one of the reasons for the separation. A star is bornduring which the actor became especially close to Lady Gagaco-star: “During filming, Bradley was emotionally absent. – a source explained to People at the time – They tried to save the relationship, but it changedThe actor had no other important affairs after Irina, unlike the model who followed him. Kanye West she started dating Tom Brady himself. In any case, Cooper and Shayk have always stated that they maintained a good relationship for the sake of little Leah, which is why they were seen together on the seashore a few weeks ago. “For now, Bradley is taking a wait-and-see approach. – the insider said again – On the other hand, Irina and Tom have not formalized their love: perhaps this is a simple flirtation that could end in two or three weeks.“.

The Brady Shake: Still just flirting

The flirtation between the supermodel and the NFL icon became public knowledge a month ago when they were first spotted together after the former player spent the night at Shayk’s house. Then Irina and Tom unsuccessfully tried to lead the paparazzi astray. Brady arrived at the hotel first and checked in at 2 a.m., hoping he wouldn’t be followed. Gisele Bundchen’s ex-boyfriend left the facility alone on Tuesday morning through a side entrance, and Irina was seen leaving just 5 minutes earlier, in this case through the main entrance.

Maestro Bradley Cooper returns to direct the love story of Leonard Bernstein and Felicia Montealegre.

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