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It doesn’t matter what she’s wearing, Gigi Hadid Always looks good. From her effortless street style to her runway looks, there’s literally nothing she can’t wear. And her latest seizure only confirms my point. Earlier this week, the supermodel was spotted wearing an all-yellow jumpsuit paired with classic mini UGGs – a look I would never have thought of pulling off myself, but I’m totally convinced after seeing it on her.

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UGG Women’s Classic Mini Boots

Women's classic mini boots

UGG Women’s Classic Mini Boots

If you haven’t joined Ugg yet, you should do so before the weather starts to really cool down. Need convincing? They go with literally everything (as proven by Hadid herself), they’re so comfortable, easy to clean, and they come in *so* different colors and styles to suit your unique preferences.

If you already have a couple of classic styles, opt for some of the brand’s newer styles, like platform and super Chillapeake fur boots. If you want something that’s more slipper-like, our favorite pick is the Tazz Uggbraid. Finally, choose the Maxi Mini if ​​you need something suitable for snow and cold weather.

Chiarra Ferragni was also recently spotted wearing Uggs, but these were the Ultra Mini Platform boots in the limited edition Driftwood shade. Lori Harvey and Ashley Benson are also fans of the brand.

Are you ready to get yourself some UGG boots? Follow in Hadid’s footsteps and grab yourself a pair that will go with all your seasonal outfits.

Buy Uggs Hadid

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