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Davis Cup 2023: tennis tournament news

Wawrinka posts video ahead of his debut for Switzerland in the Davis Cup. The tennis player shows the almost empty stadium, and also attacks Pique and his previous tournament director.

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Davis Cup 2023: tennis tournament news

It was September 6, 2019 when Gerard Piqueformer Barcelona footballer and now president Sports investment fund “Cosmos”along with his then ex-wife Shakira and representatives International Tennis Federation (ITF) presented new Davis Cup format which his own fund acquired under a 25-year agreement. It was a revolution, conceived and announced in August 2018 by Pique himself, who intended to make the Davis Cup similar to the World Cup, concentrating it in a short and single period of time, rather than being spread out over several weekends throughout the season, as has always been the case. an event occurred in history. A format that divided the world of tennis, as well as many tennis players themselves. who did not approve of this type of organization.

Someone signed, this is understandable, but the goal of increasing the attractiveness of the tournament turned into a complete fiasco. This is evidenced by Stanislas Wawrinka, a 38-year-old Swiss tennis player, on the eve of his team’s match against Switzerland. With a video posted on his profile, X demonstrated the lack of participation of the public in the tournament, explaining this by the queue left by Pique. This year the tournament will take place from Tuesday 12 September to Sunday 17 September. the group stage is divided into four European cities: BOlogna, Manchester, Valencia and Split. They get access to “Final 8” in Malaga. the top two in each group. Yes, because after the Pique revolution, which then terminated the agreement with Cosmos that linked his foundation to the Davis Cup organization and therefore to the ITF, the format has changed again since 2022.

In fact, since last year, the groups have been playing as if it were the World Cup in September, followed by the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final in November all in one place. However, the format is still far from the original and was generally very popular with the public, given that the matches were spread over almost a whole year. So Wawrinka highlighted this in his post, showing the Manchester stadium ready to host the France-Switzerland match, which, however, was completely empty: “Thanks to Pique and the ITF. France vs Switzerland in Manchester”. Join the Davis Cup begins a debate that has sparked several users on social media. who stressed that this was again caused by the previous management of the tournament, who wanted to change the format but instead failed completely.

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And to think that this is the final blow to the Cosmos Cup, how it was renamed while still under the management of the Pique Foundation, this was given by images of deserted arenas during the group stage, which took place in four cities, when two “foreign” countries clashed. This all comes into sharp focus again today thanks to a video highlighted by Wawrinka that once again highlights Davis’ “eradication” before the format was cut. In his post, Wawrinka also received some responses from fans who were pretty nervous about this: “We’re expecting big crowds for the UK matches (13,000 tickets sold for Sunday) but obviously we’re struggling every day. – explains one of them – Statement by ITF President David Haggerty in 2018 that there would be a “World Cup atmosphere” I was always inventive for the new Davis Cup”. Words that Wawrinka himself fully shares: “Football atmosphere of the World Cup.” Why is he still making a decision about the future of the Davis Cup even though he did it so badly?”

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