Side B: how to get a perfect butt in a few steps

There are those who have launched an entire career around their B-side, such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian who even insured him for millions of dollars. After all, if there’s one part of the body that requires constant care to stay in shape, that’s definitely the lower back. It doesn’t matter that it’s “fishing”, like that of Irina Shayk and Elisabetta Canalis, or “pear-shaped”, like that of Beyoncé. And it doesn’t even matter the age: at 55 years old Sabrina Salerno he showed his B-side on social media declaring that he prefers himself today more than yesterday. What matters is to treat it daily with specific creams, train it with the gym and firm it from within with a healthy and balanced diet.

And if the mission up & tonic proves impossible, there is always the non-surgical gluteoplasty: fast and not at all invasive.

Side B: toning formulas

To exhibit a marble bottom like Jennifer Lopez’s, you should resort to training from Marines developed for you by your personal trainer David Kirsch. But it is precisely the exhausting workouts that we want to replace some of the latest generation of cosmetic specialties. They were once called effect creams push ups. Today, however, the term squat-like has been coined, from the name of the famous multi-joint exercise. But the concept is always the same: to make marble buttocks.

Emily Ratajkowski (photo: IPA)

Emily Ratajkowski (photo: IPA)

«The latest generation creams do not work miracles – he underlines Corinna Rigonipresident of Women Dermatologists Italy – but, if accompanied by physical activity and proper nutrition, they help to counteract localized fat deposits and tissue sagging». Goodbye, then, at culotte de cheval and the annoying ones banana rolls which form horizontally under the buttocks.

Among the active stars of the cosmetic innovations dedicated to the B side: caffeine, algae, mud and salts from the Dead Sea. «The latter act by osmosis – he says Antonella Antoniniprofessor of the master’s degree in cosmetology atUniversity of Ferrara -, recalling excess liquids. Furthermore, with their trace elements, they participate in various enzymatic reactions by stimulating, for example, the synthesis of collagen and elastin”.

The diet for a perfect side B

Anyone who has a tendency to accumulate fat in the lower body should also pay attention to their diet. The ideal diet provides for the intake of 1,200 calories to be divided into five daily meals: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner (at least three hours before going to bed).

Yes to carbohydrates but in moderation, especially for the more sporty. And make sure you drink enough water. A good way to integrate it is to prefer raw fruit and vegetables and with pulp for snacks.

Non-invasive gluteoplasty: the new frontier

If you have a flat or tomato-shaped butt – that is, small like that of some models -, don’t worry: non-surgical gluteoplasty has taken the place of the “old implants”. “These had to be changed every five years or so because they deformed while sitting,” explains the doctor Stephanie Bellettiaesthetic doctor in Milan.

Today, non-surgical gluteoplasty makes it possible to obtain the same results in a much faster and less invasive way: «It consists of an injection of macro-molecular hyaluronic acid – continues the expert -, usually five 10 ml vials are needed for each buttock under local anesthesia. With this treatment, we are going to act above all on the upper part of the B side, firming it up and making it more harmonious. Following the operation, all you need to do is wear a plaster for about 24 hours and follow antibiotic therapy for a week, avoiding sports, always for seven days. About every six months, a maintenance booster with two vials per buttock is recommended.

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Non-surgical gluteoplasty has no particular contraindications. «It is prohibited only in the case of pregnancy, breastfeeding and autoimmune connective tissue diseases in the active phase», Belletti underlines. The cost? «The price of 10 vials is around 2,500 euros». A good saving if you consider that an augmentation gluteoplasty with prosthesis varies from 8,000 to 12,000 euros.


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