Sienna Miller is pregnant, pregnancy confirmed in photos from Vogue event in London

The British actress’s appearance in London confirms pregnancy rumors that have been circulating since last month. The announcement couldn’t be more glamorous, with a baby bump in the foreground and a sensational haute couture look.

On a London night of prestigious Fashion World 2023which officially opens London Fashion Week, Sienna Miller she attracted the attention of supermodels and princesses by showing off in public with a big bellythereby confirming your second pregnancy.
The actress, who will soon give birth to her first child with her partner, colleague Oli Green, also became the main character iconic fashion moment. Her appearance in the Schiaparelli total look made style connoisseurs gasp.

Exhibition of a child’s cone in the image of Schiaparelli

There’s nothing like high fashion to achieve a headline-worthy appearance.
Sienna Miller, revered for her undeniable credentials as a fashion icon for over a quarter of a century, knows this well and has left her glamorous chic style behind to immerse herself in the dazzling world of Daniel Roseberry and House of Schiaparelli from which the Fall/Winter 2023 Couture look is presented to announce her pregnancy to everyone (SHOW PHOTO).
Complex and quirky Exceeding all expectations, the forty-one-year-old indulged the fantasies of Harry Lambert, the stylist she shares with other outlandishly dressed celebrities for one night, by being photographed in a look consisting of cloud top and skirtstructured and very voluminous.
Main character Anatomy of a scandal she posed with her hands on the bump left by her crop top. She, too, allowed herself to be seduced by the desire to shout out the joy of motherhood to the world, like other ultra-famous women in the entertainment world who have given it their all. big belly in sight personal style signature (see Rihanna).

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Sienna Miller, style icon, second mother

In an age when everyone is competing to find the most creative way to announce their pregnancy, Sienna Miller is turning to fashion, her most trusted ally, to come out and put an end to rumors in the trade press that she has already published a photo of the actress with suspicious forms in mid-August.
With her latest baby bump out in London, Miller shapes yet another aesthetic transformation, reiterating that she doesn’t want to be trapped in a role. Millennial icon and that she is ready to return to the stage whenever she wants.
Sienna Miller’s pregnancy marks a moment of sentimental stability for the actress, who made her debut in new partner26-year-old actor Oli Green at the 2022 Oscars party.
The actress, who said she froze her eggs when she turned 40, will become a mother a second time. In fact, her first pregnancy dates back to 2012, the year she gave birth. Marlowborn as a result of a four-year relationship with actor Tom Sturridge.
However, for Green, a model and actor with a short career behind him, including the recent film Good man Zach Braff’s first child.

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