Silk scarf 2023: 3 ways to turn it into a trendy top

The silk scarf is back in fashion: the 2000s trend of wearing it instead of a top is the latest craze on and around TikTok.

If you do a quick count by thinking of all the scarves you have or have inherited from your mother, grandmother and various relatives, you will have hundreds of scarves. Genuine vintage jewels such as designer silk scarves such as Gucci, Hermès or Dior, or fresh cotton maxi with bright prints such as the most popular paisley scarf of the moment, also loved by Chiara Ferragni.

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Not surprising; Scarves have been in style since the days of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, one of Hollywood’s timeless icons who adored colorful scarves with jeweled prints the most. They have contributed to the emergence and consecration of this accessory, a symbol of elegance from the 50s to the present day. But if initially it was mainly worn around the neck or on the head, tied like a handkerchief around the chin, then it was in the 70s that the scarf changed its look, turning into a practical wardrobe item that became a glamorous alternative to a scarf. much more classic top.

A trend even brought onto the scene by stars such as Beyoncé and Britney Spears, has recently been picked up by beloved IT models – most notably Bella Hadid – setting off an immediate social media chain reaction that, in a very short time, launched the trend, spreading around the world, bringing back the scarf. right on the catwalk of the most necessary things of the season.

But how to wear scarves in the top version? After a thorough research of TikTok and Instagram, we found that what may seem like a beach piece is actually a winning choice to wear on the streets of Europe. In fact, it’s not that difficult to create a balanced look with it, suitable for more casual walks around the city. Try it with jeans, classic or white, with a strictly high waist, right down to the suit. Finally, focus on the right accessories: sunglasses, bags and shoes can make all the difference here.

How to fold a scarf to turn it into a top?

On Tik Tok (and also on Instagram) you can find all sorts of tutorials. Just search for #ScarfTop. Here is a brief overview of three current catchphrases.

  • Bralette: this is perhaps the most commonly used method for creating the perfect top as an under jacket for those still hot days between late summer and early fall. Just take it and fold it over you like candy, then wrap it around your chest and make a bow in front. If you have large breasts, wrap a scarf around a strapless bra, securing a few flaps to the bra itself. A cool alternative is to create a choker top by inserting the top you just created into the necklace.
  • Triangle: it is the easiest to make because it consists of a “bandana” top, triangular and strapless in the front, tied well in the back. All you have to do is fold it into a triangle and then place it over your bust. .
  • One shoulder: Take a large scarf and wrap it around your chest, creating a kind of open top, tied at the back. By creating an inverted triangle, you’ll let the scarf slide over your shoulder like a cape and have an alternative to a chic evening top.

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