Simone Biles shines at Gymnastics World Cup closing ceremony: She wins two more gold medals to become the most successful athlete in history

Simone Biles’ last two gold medals at the Antwerp World Cup

Simone Biles Shine again in the World Cup Rhythmic gymnastics It was developed in Belgium and implemented byWon two gold medals in the balance beam and floor finals. With these new victories, he secured his 23rd gold medal in World Cup events and established himself The most successful gymnast of all time.

It was all joy for the American athlete, even though she was unable to complete the dangerous Biles II jump on Saturday. Ultimately costing him the gold medal Look at how the referee deducted half a point from her after she couldn’t control the landing and ended up falling backwards to the mat.Now, after the game is over makes it clear why she is unanimously considered the best gymnast of all time.

he is balance beam, She had already achieved the best result among all the contestants in the qualifying round and achieved the best result again with a flawless and excellent practice. The Ohio native has already won individual and team gold medals in Antwerp, He finished first with a score of 14,800 points.

One tenth more than the Chinese Yaqin Zhou, silver medal, bonus 14,700 Half a point more than the Brazilians Rebecca Andradeoccupying the final step of the podium with points 14,300 And he had won gold in the jumping event the day before.

Simone Biles’ last two gold medals at the Antwerp World Cup

However, victory did not quell Simone Biles’ greed and she reluctantly An hour later he was back on top of the podium After winning the free zone final by 0.5 points 14,633 points. Even a small mistake in the third diagonal, when she took one foot off the mat, resulting in a 0.100 penalty, didn’t stop Biles from winning, and she started with a difficulty that no other opponent could match.

In fact, Rebeca Andrade (Silver) and Flavia Saraiva (Bronze) They had better results in the final Better than the American, but due to Biles’ more complex elements, starting with a difficulty score of 6,700, the two Brazilians dropped to second and third place respectively.

Brazilian gymnastics remains in the background, once again the product of a whirlwind named Simone Biles, who Return to competition At the last Tokyo Olympics, he withdrew from the all-around finals due to mental health reasons. In this World Cup event, he has once again established himself in the face of the next Paris Olympics. The undisputed queen of world gymnastics.

It is worth noting that with the medals won in this Antwerp competition (he also won two gold medals in the individual and team all-around), The 26-year-old athlete has won a total of 37 medals He has surpassed Belarus’s Vitaly Scherbo (33), who has the highest number of goals during the Olympics and World Cup.

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