Simple actions to do after every meal to lose weight easily

Simple actions to do after every meal to lose weight easily

Losing weight is a matter of habits combined with a few techniques. The methods we detail below have been practiced for a long time. in Italy.

scientifically proven Walk More than 10 minutes after eating Burn calories.

It is estimated that you can walk 4,000 steps in 15 minutes, and if you practice this exercise after every dinner, you will complete 8,000 of the recommended 10,000 steps per day. Recommended by the World Health Organization.

This campaign will combat a sedentary lifestyle and its consequences, announces the World Health Organization and is shared by the Catalan Association of Family and Community Medicine, which has long warned of alarming levels of sedentary life , this has become one of the most common problems. Factors that have the greatest impact on mortality Because it can significantly worsen health and lead to a decrease in quality of life.

According to the doctor, 70% of the population He lived a sedentary life.Additionally, 15% of adults and 12% of children under 12 years of age have obesityand the main reason for this is precisely the lack of activity.

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Changes in our lifestyles, increasingly associated with the use of technology rather than physical activity, is one of the main factors contributing to such high rates of sedentary lifestyles.carry a healthier lifethe World Health Organization recommends thirty minutes a day Moderate activity five days a week adultand an hour of exercise every day from one week to children and teenagers.

Nutritionists also recommend avoid overeating dinner and meals.

It’s not a matter of eating less or more, but eating consciously. That is: ditch the fat and over-processing.For example, think about if Replace sweets with a piece of fruit for dessert.

Active living and healthy eating are two basic pillars that must be followed when losing weight. Losing weight means life changes and a paradigm for achieving more holistic health.It’s not a day or a season that changes your life, you have to Maintain good habits over time.

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