Simple things you should do on your phone every day to boost its performance and power

Some phones experienced a definite performance hit after launch for a while, which made multitasking a bit worse in many cases.However, many brands in Spain have enabled a setting that allows Greatly improved the performance of this part.

Even though smartphones have become more powerful, most people have noticed the passing of the years.This option will not transform the mobile device, but may improve its performance When many applications or processes are open at the same time. Many Android tablets also have this option.

It’s about using virtual memory.By activating this option, the system will use the internal memory as RAM, thus Encourages multitasking when necessary. Of course, this memory cannot be used as storage while it is active.

How to activate virtual memory

More and more brands are integrating this option into their setup, although each does so in a different section.In any case, the never fail way is to open the Settings app, and Type “RAM” into the search box appears at the top. This will display all settings that contain that word.

Manufacturers like OPPO, realme or Redmagic put this option in the RAM section of the phone info, while manufacturers like Xiaomi or vivo choose to put it in the “Other Settings” or “Storage” sections respectively.

In its configuration, depending on the brand, you can choose the amount of memory that can be allocated to virtual RAM.If your device is running low on free space, you need Decide what you want to prioritize. But if the situation is reversed, it is best to choose as many as possible so that you can use as much as you can.

The maximum number also depends on the specific model. Some devices like the Redmagic 8S Pro are able to offer up to 10GB of virtual RAM, while others stick to amounts like 3GB or 4GB. In some cases, a reboot is required to apply the changes.

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