Simple Tips for Plumbers to Save Energy with Water Heaters

The arrival of autumn in Spain brings the first rains and storms, corresponding Thermometer drops. Annual weather changes are also associated with increased electricity bills.But if there’s anything in your home that’s going to add more expense, it’s hands down the use of water heater.Exactly if you are one of those who have an electric water heater at home, this time we want to give you some Tips and Keys Helps control hot water consumption.

Specifically, this time we bring you a trick often used by plumbers to save consumption on this type of heater, Other useful and simple tips, you can also achieve it with it. record.

How does an electric water heater work?

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An electric water heater is a water tank that keeps water at about 65 degrees. Thanks to their resistance, they are able to maintain a certain temperature and when they empty, they are again responsible for heating the water entering the tank.

When the water tank is at the proper temperature, internal resistance It will close and hot water will accumulate inside so that we can use it at home.

According to the Institute for Diversification and Conservation of Energy (IDAE), hot water is the second energy consumer in our homes, costing Nearly 26% of energy consumption In total, saving is one of the main concerns for many households. But how can we save electricity? We tell you.

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Plumber’s Tips for Saving Energy with Water Heaters

The tips we are going to mention below to save on electricity bills by using a water heater are One of the most recommended by plumbers To execute it you just need Special insulator for water heater.

This will help surround the heater and prevent the water temperature from dropping, helping to keep the water temperature constant and helping you Save money on euro bills of electricity. If you decide to attach it to a heater, make sure you choose one that is suitable for the size of your thermos and that it stays perfectly fixed.

Usually this type of insulator is made of Polyurethane foam covered with metal reflective film Some also contain a layer of polyester and two sides of recycled fiber.

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However, if you want to avoid spending money on these types of elements, it is better to adopt this homemade trick that we will explain to you below, which you can make using only five very cheap elements: Two thermal blankets, bubble wrap, wire and double-sided tape.

First of all, you have to first place one of the thermal blankets with the silver side facing the thermos and glue it with the help of double-sided tape, then cover this layer with bubble wrap and secure it with wire around the water heater. at last, Place a second insulation blanket on this layer and secure it with tape and wire.

This way, you can ensure your thermal blanket Its silver side reflects heat and helps keep the water at a constant high temperature.

Other useful tips for saving energy with an electric water heater

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Saving electricity with an electric water heater is a great way to reduce your home’s energy costs. Here we provide you with other useful tips to achieve this goal.But remember these tips May vary depending on specific make and model The performance of your electric water heater, so refer to the manufacturer’s manual for specific recommendations.

  • To adjust the temperature appropriately: The temperature of the electric water heater does not need to be very high. Usually 60°C is enough for your hot water needs. For every 10°C decrease in temperature, approximately 5% of energy is saved.
  • Use timer: Install a programmable timer so your electric water heater only runs when you need it. For example, you can turn it off at night or when you’re not home.
  • Check the connection: Make sure connections and pipes are in good condition. Leaks can make it more difficult for your water heater to keep the water hot.
  • Install water-saving devices: You can install low-flow shower heads and faucets to reduce the amount of hot water you use.
  • To remove lime deposits: If you live in a hard water area, it’s important to descale your electric water heater regularly. Lime buildup can reduce heater efficiency.
  • Effective use of hot water: Avoid taking long showers or filling the bathtub with too much hot water. Also, consider washing your clothes in cold water whenever possible.
  • Regular maintenance: Perform regular maintenance on your electric water heater, such as cleaning the interior and checking electrical connections.
  • Invest in a more efficient electric water heater: If your water heater is old and inefficient, consider replacing it with a more modern, energy-efficient one.
  • Monitor your consumption: Install an electricity meter to track your electricity usage and ensure you save money.

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