Singer-songwriter and model Greta Ray with millions of streams and followers covers Miley Cyrus’ R&B “Flowers” in her new single.

More than two million followers on social networks and more than 10 million streams and views on digital platforms are just numbers that confirm, but do not limit, the outstanding talent and expressive urgency of Greta Rey, one of the most talented, incisive and sophisticated artists of the Italian urban pop scene, singer-songwriter, actress and singer-songwriter model, who achieved incredible success with the social condemnation “Heaters” (a release co-written with Fausto Cogliatti that sold just over half a million stream) a few days’ output), with which she defends women’s freedom to express themselves and their femininity beyond prejudices, judgments and stereotypes, returns to digital stores with “Flowers”.Beatfactory/Believe Digital), a thought-provoking and captivating R&B reinterpretation of the latest and already iconic Miley Cyrus single.

Belpiez, Fildelfo Castro (formerly for Pooh, Max Pezzelli, Claudio Cecchetto, Gatto Pancari, Valerio Scannu, Dodi and Daniele Battaglia, Kekko, Christina, Christina, Christina, Christina, Christina, Christina, Christina, Christina, Christina, Keck, Dodi and Daniele Battaglia, Atiempo, Founder, A along with Greta gray production, Greta Ray-penned “Flowers” brings further charm to one of this 2023’s most loved and played releases, combining the urgency of pop with the undeniable emotionality of R&B; A unique interlude aided and supported by the warm, wide and very beautiful singing of one of the most talented interpreters of the national scene.

The text, a hymn to self-love that has transcended geographical, cultural and generational boundaries, breaking down every barrier, as only art is capable of doing, is in perfect harmony with Greta’s artistic mission, which, since its inception, has known how to influence well-known values ​​and feelings, presenting the emotions in the lyrics and the charisma and grit of someone who has learned to work on their own, trusting in their abilities, on the giver of words of liberation without depending, but he also does not know how to protect himself and regardless of a society that is inclusive in words, but still very hateful, regressive and sexist in deeds; A concept that is well expressed in the passage «i can love you better than me,i can love myself better than you») of Miley Cyrus’ text.

“Flowers” is accompanied by the evocative and symbolic official video clip, directed by Massimiliano Santiampo, which frames the song’s essence, coloring the clip’s distinctive black-and-white look with Greta’s vivid stage presence and intense vocal nuances; An alternative that follows words of universal value and underscores their meaning, reminding each of us that it is never too late to love each other, take back the reins of our lives, and promise ourselves that yes, «i can love me better,i can love myself better,

Like the “flowers” sung in the song, Greta’s voice is delicate, luxurious, mesmerizing, full of nuances and at the same time, sensual, warm and enveloping like the perfume she exudes and which is impossible to resist. And if flowers find refreshment in the rain, reviving themselves and the souls of those who see them, in the same way Greta Ray writes and sings to melt the fog from the hearts of those who listen to them, and with this piece, dedicated to a conscious awakening and entitled to the symbol of rebirth, which knows to hold within itself the dilemma of life, its beginnings, its goals, but also respects its end, confirms the sensitivity and sophistication of its path in music, a The flower that is able to enclose all human feelings in colorful petals, to keep them under the watchful eyes of those who know how to observe beyond appearances.

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