Six Sisters Spanish Episodes Preview: Seventh Sister Silva Arrives

six sisters will give completely unexpected twists in the Spanish episodes. In particular, the sisters learn that they are not six, but seven. Indeed it will come Soledad, who will he say that he is another daughter of Fernando Silvaa., which has been kept secret until now. However, the suspicions on the part of the main characters will not come true, and many of them will think about a possible deception.


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Preview Six Sisters: The Arrival of Soledad, Silva’s Seventh Sister

During the Spanish episodes six sistersviewers will meet a mysterious girl who will introduce herself seventh of the Silva sisters. Last named Soledad, will appear right at home Diana, showing that she is his sister and telling her story. Soledad will tell about his presence there daughter of Fernando Silva and Isabelle Guzman.and that she was born a year before Adela. Diana will have many doubts as she will be convinced that their father would have said this if he knew he had another daughter. Soledad, however, will clear up any doubts by stating that her mother Isabelle never reported it. Fernando is pregnant, since he learned that Silva was marrying Eliza, the mother of six other sisters. Therefore, everyone always ignored the presence of a seventh sister, precisely because Isabelle Guzman always kept a secret.

Gabriel falls in love with Soledad

So Soledad starts to insert himself in the life of Silvas, even if Diana doesn’t trust her completely and asks for time to break the news to her sisters. Soledad, however, assures her that he only wants to rediscover his origins and make up for lost time, and that he doesn’t want money or anything from them. Meanwhile Soledad meets Gabrielwho gradually begins to fall in love with her. However, if his story was a lie, the boy could have been in for another disappointment…

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