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Walking to lose weight This is something that experts have generally recommended since time immemorial, and they are certainly right because it actually works.

When a person adds to their daily routine take regular walksyou also bring benefits to your life, such as increased daily movement, fresh air, and sunshine, which in addition to helping your physical health, can also help your mental health.

According to Women’s Health, there are an average of 2,400 Google searches per month for “walking weight loss tips,” which clearly shows that everything surrounding this topic is still being questioned and seeking help from experts is necessary to achieve better results. . Result. Result.

Physiotherapist Sam McGowan has six tips for making daily walking effective for weight loss for at least four weeks.

“When it comes to walking for weight loss, exercise in general is good – it’s all about energy balance,” explains McGowan. In other words, you must expend more energy (calories) than you take in. This is called a caloric deficit, McGowan says.

Posture needs to be observed to avoid possible injuries | Photo: Pexels

Getting things right remains a priority, even for walking, because although it is a low-impact sport, the risk of injury must be eliminated from all possibilities.

first Taking care of oneself is a gesture that one must Walk upright Lift your torso and away from your hips to avoid slouching. This will help you breathe better and tone your core muscles, legs and glutes, suggests training expert David Wiener of fitness app Freeletics.

Ranked second must be look upno longer looking at the ground when walking to lose weight; this is how the head is balanced on the neck and spine.

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The arms must be used, which means the elbows are bent at 90 degrees, while the hands and wrists must be relaxed.Getty Images Photo: BBC World

thirdmust be always stay upright This allows you to land with your feet underneath your body, allowing you to walk better while preventing injury.

as the fourth pointIs necessary use your arms, which means your elbows are bent at 90 degrees while your hands and wrists are relaxed, but not too much. One advantage is that you can burn 5 to 10 percent more calories by moving your arms slightly forward and backward.

fifth suggestion practice And take the time to understand how the body works. Walk slower than usual to get a feel for what your footprints look like; head position and arm tension to get closer to your walking weight loss goals.

Finally, you can Touch the ground with your heels first Then move to your toes from there. This will help avoid injury.


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