Sky and Netflix for €19.90 for 18 months with Entertainment Plus.

Have Sky AND Netflix together with less than 20 euros per month? Yes it is possible. All thanks to the Sky promotion Entertainment Pluswhich combines Sky TV and Netflix in one package 19.90 euros per month during the first 18 months. At the end of the promotional period, you can renew the offer with a corresponding discount.

You can activate the offer through the dedicated Sky page, thereby taking advantage of new shows and movies coming to both platforms.

Sky TV and Netflix Entertainment Plus

Sky TV and Netflix together for 19.90 euros per month for 18 months.

With Sky TV you have access to products Heavenly original, Italian and international series, as well as Sky shows for the whole family. One of Sky Original’s latest masterpieces, The Last Boss of King’s Cross, aired for the first time since July 26 last year.

Added to this Netflix with the basic plan, which means playing HD on one screen at the same time and without ads. If you wish, you can also switch to Netflix Standard or Premium at any time for €23.90/month and €27.90/month, respectively.

On Netflix, one of the most sensational news – Heart of stoneaction movie featuring Gal Gadot (cover photo), Israeli actress best known for her role as Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe (Fast and Furious fans will remember her as Gisele Yashar).

Take advantage of the Sky Entertainment Plus offer to enjoy Sky TV and Netflix in one subscription at a bargain price for 18 months.

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