Sleep Techniques | Five-Minute Foolproof Techniques to Help You Fall Asleep

Everyone knows that insomnia is one of the worst feelings.. In addition to being uncomfortable, being unable to sleep at night is also harmful to your health. It makes you more tired during the day, makes you perform worse, and makes everything more difficult for you. That’s why it’s important to get a good night’s rest. So much so that there are even apps that remind you when you should go to bed and get seven or eight hours of sleep a day. Its operation is very simple: it will remind you 15 minutes before bed so that you are ready to turn off the TV or put down the book you are reading. What’s more: There are activity trackers on the market that can measure the quality of your sleep.

But what do you do if you close your eyes and don’t sleep? The answer is simple. We show you a new trick that will help you and it will only take you five minutes: As nutritionist Joel Torres reported yesterday on his social networks, you have to eat two kiwis.

scientific evidence

“I have proven this through evidence and experience from clients and myself. Because kiwi fruit is high in serotonin, it has been studied on several people.a hormone that helps regulate sleep cycles, is high in vitamin C and carotenoids, which may also be part of the reason since they are anti-inflammatory compounds that make you sleepier,” Torres said in a very interesting article The article explains your social network.

But what do the scientific studies say? “In a four-week study, 24 people ate two kiwis each night one hour before bed.. Ultimately, those who consumed it fell asleep 42% faster than those who didn’t, and were 5% more able to stay awake.“Torres noted in his post, emphasizing that he personally followed this advice and that he improved his sleep quality as a result of this advice.

In addition to all these benefits, he added, in addition, through this proposal You will eat one more fruit than the five you must eat every day, This will significantly improve your health and fitness. Kiwi fruit also helps improve intestinal transit.

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