Slimming the face: the 6 magical haircuts that deceive the eye | Use them right away

If you want to look thinner in the face and you want a slimmer face, the trick is to have the right hairstyling: find out which one is right for you.

There are some haircuts that magically make the face appear thinner immediately. Let’s find out the six haircuts that slim the face, and which must be scrupulously chosen based on your oval.

6 cuts that make the face look thin

Apparently every haircut has the ability to immediately give the face a different expression, and above all to emphasize the gaze, cheekbones, nose and lips, depending on personal features but the most common need is to wanting to appear slimmer, even in the face. So if you’ve decided to change your look starting from the hairstyle, and you’re looking for a cut that can slim your face, take a look at these six hair styling secrets they have that will instantly make your face look slimmer.

Face, six haircuts that make the face look thinner

The watchword that unites the six haircuts that promise an immediate visual slimming effect is climb. So these are irregular cuts, paraded and you must absolutely avoid the even cut, clearly opting for a choice based on your oval. Try to figure out which of these is right for you.

six hairstyling tricks to make your face appear thin

A very popular cut is the male cut which is called precisely Boys look. It’s a look which have sported several of Hollywood’s actresses and stars including Jennifer Lawrence and Keira Knightley and it is a very short completely irregular.

Another very popular cut that is suitable for round faces is the square short this is also very slim: it should be worn with the hair shorter in the upper part which immediately gives the visage a slender appearance. Another solution very full of grit and full of personality is a layered cut in front and short in the upper part, asymmetrical, which makes the neck and nape extremely slim: the pixie cut. And if you have an important jaw, therefore quite voluminous, and a bit squared iThe perfect cut for you is a medium parade cut.

If you love the long you can safely show it off the important thing is that it’s not even but a lot paraded. And then the Long Bob, which manages to give a refined area and to give harmony to the proportions of the face. In summary, the 6 cuts that thin the face are:

  • pixie cut
  • Short yoke
  • Boyish look
  • Long bobs
  • Long climbed
  • Medium cut

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