Slobodna Dalmatia – “Netko te neche salvation”: Alieni i alijenacija, kad svemirac bane na vrata otuđene cur ona se mora boriti da preživi

Aliens on the inside. Originally with fame 30. Enjoy or emitiranya in the first episode of the series “Dossier of the traumatized game, which se mora fight against izvanzemal(a)sa nakon into stranger only at night bane na vrata nezezine kuche izvan grada.

Film scriptwriter yes Brian Duffield, get to know the scenarios that are in the genre of “Underwater World”, “Nanny 1 and 2” and “Love and Monsters”. Duffield and “No, you don’t need to be saved”, an editorially different version of the “Spontano” mode. The idea of ​​”No one will save you” is really effective in the film, but is very dangerous, and also in a concept that removes the practical aspects without dialogue.

MOVIE: No one will save you; SF horror; GARDEN, 2023. REGION: Brian Duffield ULOGE: Kaitlyn Dever, Elizabeth Kalueva RATING: ** ½

Duffield became acquainted with “A Place for Silence”, as well as “Mysterious Sign”, pas and the recently presented “Predore” with the famous name “Prey”.

Awards and period films have featured “No You Can’t Be Saved” among some of Sweden’s sci-fi horror films, and Duffield’s work on “No One Can Save You” has been released in cinemas rather than streaming.

Other products from low-quality products Spielberg Amblin Entertainment, a reservation for “family” adventures, sci-fi or horror, when I reach the end of the year at the Osamdesetim year, the past capital (ET, Gremlins, the TV series “Future Twist”, “Friendship Goonies”, “Unutarni” “…), was staged with success by Devedesetim (“Gremlini 2”, “Kapetan Kuka”, “Jurassic Park”…) and remained on stage in the new mile (“Super 8”, “Jurassic Light 1 -3″)”, “Benefits of fantastic gorostas”, “Igrach broy 1”).

“This is not a salvation” for those living in rural America, and this can be very important for ET, as well as for ET, from different ETs not “telephone heaps”, barem doc not on Earth. From “Nobody Will Save You” – this is another reason why the opening of a coquetry with a film or a Masonic exiled invasion and, moreover, vrludats, is removed from the weight of dates and the deeply basic concept of “joke against aliens at the kuchi” codes I mogugao Results of the “Return” to the fresh air very soon.

Ipak, first crack, excellent creative work as a director. Manjak dijaloga nadoknađuje zuk i bilda košmarnu tenziju odmah od trenutka kad sve sve samo ne prijateljski Ribbeni Alien zakorači na prag kuće mlade Brynn (Kaitlyn Dever). Please note that if you open the glass, you will find the right glass to the right or left of the window, where you can first find what you need.

Regia is smart, good, Brynn doesn’t look stupid. Let me tell you what to do next (I see) Duffield, who knows how to develop the potential of a film and mentor it to be interested in what I can, but only because it’s like there was nothing from Nitko “You will not be saved” will be short(š) or the year of the once-horor foreign collection of science fiction.

The game of Izvanzemal Machka and Misha Izmeju Aliens Brynn remains repetitive, not obvious or modern in its effectiveness in introducing new alien creatures (Krakati, Spider-Littles) that have no moral spirit, biti typically in common. A visit to the nicknames of the accompanying alien parasites that control people, I don’t go in the film and the prelude is similar to a single posing for the cult film “The Hidden Ones”.

So, Duffield, you should like the semi-blockbuster mini-apocalypse of “Independence Day” and other summer dances in the sky or intimate sci-fi horror, fantasy genre films or Egyptian drama in someone’s exiles that can be beaten and fruitful from tu Jene Jevoike, traumatic sponge Mike and most of all friends, tj. from the fact that I push you away with an unexpected chapter or I myself Ruzhan-san, a hallucination.

Alienation and foreigners at hand, Ali or Brynn will likely understand that we have entered again and found one very basic on-demand navigation past me. To praise Dever, watch the movie “Booksmart” and the episode “Unbelievable” when I hear these words due to the fact that I speak without talking. Glumika rescue “No one will save you” in a film shot for the first time.

The film praised Stephen King and called it “brilliant, stunning, exciting and amazing.” Jelomic and a joke, tj. by itself in the first third.

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