SLP steps up action against hepatitis C

The State Government Health Services reiterates its call to Potosi society to pay attention in a responsible manner and to strengthen all preventive measures to enable us to combat the spread of hepatitis C, a disease that poses a major threat to the public without adequate diagnosis and treatment. May cause significant damage to health.

He pointed out that the disease currently affects about 185 million people worldwide and causes about 350,000 deaths each year. They noted that the disease is mainly transmitted through blood contact, that is, the unsafe use of drugs or blood derivatives, the reuse or inadequate sterilization of medical equipment, especially syringes and needles, in healthcare settings, and biological incidents, especially from Spread of biological accidents. Penetrations from needles used by infected patients or from sexual contact.

They insist that citizens must be aware of this This risk and taking steps to safeguard your health and well-being and, if suspected, require appropriate medical intervention for diagnosis so that treatment can be initiated before the disease worsens. Because of the way it attacks the body, it can cause significant damage, including death to the patient.

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