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It could be pillows tribal motifs, geometric carpets, traditional art furniture made of dark wood or handmade fabrics. Perhaps inspired by a particular place, because sometimes it is the memories of the trip that give the right ideas for decor. As it happened with Federica Biasi, who was inspired by the journey to the gates of the Sahara in Marzouga.

But to continue – a short guide to the right choice, edited by the editors with by Bruno Tarsia, architect and stylist who creates sets for the catalogs of the most famous furniture companies.

1- Small spaces: choose your favorite theme

Selecting a specific “culture” for the home environmentlike African or Asian can be a winning move to create a strong impact atmosphere in your home without creating confusion. Indeed, this approach allows create a cohesive space a choice of decorative elements that recall the distinctive features of this part of the world. However, in a small space it can be chaotic to fit too many decorative elements. without overloading the environment. In this case, a single tribal print or a pair of exotic-inspired pillows can make all the difference in creating the desired mood without overdoing it. Sometimes just the right color or a predetermined material effect is enough, and the result is immediately elegant.

To select a decorative destination on the world map, a wallpaper designed by Christian Benini News planet by Wall&decò.

Courtesy of Wall&decò

2- Carpets and wallpaper

A carpet with geometric patterns it can give an ethnic vibe to your room without taking up too much space. You can choose one that is reminiscent of your chosen cultural theme, or you can opt for a contemporary rug with an ethnic pattern.

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