Smells and tips to captivate travelers’ noses

An olfactory itinerary led by perfumers who create fragrances for some of the capital’s best hotels.

How do you think Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel Pestana CR7 on Gran Vía smells? And the Hospes Puerta de Alcalá with five stars and great views of the Retiro? You don’t need to have the most sophisticated nose in the world to appreciate them day and night. Neither worse nor better, but completely different. Hotels large and small, luxurious and not-so-luxurious, compete in cities like Madrid to attract guests through scent with their own perfumes. We are talking about recipes created by perfumers, decided by top management. So another way to explore the capital’s star hotels is through the nose. Let’s start.

It’s ten o’clock on a recent rainy morning in Madrid. The streets smell of a lot of things, especially traffic foot inside Puerta de Alcalá Hospital It’s very peaceful here and has a smell that we love. They’re “green shades of fig leaf with a delicate white rose and fruity heart,” as we’ll soon learn.This may sound cliché, but they are real sense of smellAs described by the perfumer who created them for the hotel. “When Hospes was born in Seville in 2000, the idea was that the fragrance would convey The soul of the chain Isabel de Castro, marketing director at Hospes, says, “It has all the properties. The aroma is like music. You don’t know it’s there, but it stays with you. It also touches very important nerve points : Clients arrive at the hotel and leave, that’s the worst time because that’s when you have to pay.” Everything is studied. In fact, there are olfactory marketing experts who know it by heart. The impact it can have. A fragrance for clients or even businesses. It is part of the development of the tourism industry, which is becoming more complex every day.

Dejavu Brands is one of the companies in Madrid that specializes in creating fragrances for the hotel industry. “For example, aroma, like the welcome drink in the lobby, has become a key part of the entire hotel. traveler experience and their loyalty,” says Beatriz Acosta, the company’s marketing director. “It can leave a mark and generate demand, so much so that many customers ask at the reception to take the fragrance home. “

This all sounds very subconscious. In fact, the aroma of hotels and shops, and even some supermarkets or bakeries (yes, we’re talking about the smell of freshly baked bread) almost always emanates from aroma diffusers hidden in the decor. If you look for them, they’re in all the halls, although they don’t make any noise or emit noticeable smoke. The intensity depends on what you want to achieve. “Some brands want the scent to be carried into the street so that when people notice it, they turn around,” Acosta said. “Sometimes their goal is even to make you smell like them. Since everything is online today, olfactory marketing has become very important.”

One of the perfume atomizers used in hotels. TRIPS Agreement

“Elegance and warmth. A fragrance that invites you to be in a special place, disconnected from the outside world.” That’s what he is Wenqi Center. Dejavu designed a fragrance for them with notes of iris, vanilla, benzoin, praline, musk and a hint of bergamot. The description shows no problem. Of course, another difference is the formula. We are a modern urban hotel located on Cedaceros Street, two steps from Puerta del Sol.In Madrid alone, the chain has six accommodations, including the iconic Capitol building hidden behind the illuminated Schweppes sign, which we found in day of the beast. However, they all smell the same. “Each Vinci Hotel is different because it represents the space and city in which they are located, but they all share the same aroma,” confirms Aixa Rodríguez del Alisal, Marketing and Communications Director of Vinci Hotels. “To us, olfactory signatureAs we say, this is the common note that unifies the values ​​and brand identity of all venues. “The fragrances can be purchased at reception by anyone who wants them. Be careful though, they are home fragrances, not body fragrances.

Centrum is one of six hotels in the Capital Vinci Hotels chain. TRIPS Agreement

Ruben Olmedo, director swedish house, a five-star hotel next to the Círculo de Bellas Artes.What does a hotel smell like when Ernest Hemingway and Che Guevara We don’t know if they overlapped in the room, but today “is filled with oriental woody aromas, with notes of coriander and red thyme blending with notes of nutmeg and fresh amber.” Words from the perfumer.To check it, nothing than passing speakeasya hidden treasure can be accessed through the bathroom (which also smells great), sorry for spoilers.

We won’t reveal more about the scent. Now, on to the olfactory tasting, believe me, Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel smells just like you imagined. bergamot? Cardamom? The keenest sense of smell will know. What about the roommates? Maybe oranges…we’ll have to go check it out.

Casa Scotland is an NH Collection hotel located in Marqués de Casa Riera. TRIPS Agreement

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