Snow White and Gal Gadot tease what her ‘delicious’ Evil Queen will be like

Unaware of Wonder Woman’s fate, Gal Gadot will soon be returning to film to play the Evil Queen in the live-action film Snow White, and gave a few brief previews of the play.

Disney engaged in the implementation of various projects live action from his animated classic. The last one in chronological order is Mermaid starring Holly Bailey which continues to gain momentum on the big screen weeks after its release. In the meantime, the studios are working on another live-action action movie starring the cast. Rachel Zegler AND Gal Gadot. The latter, well known especially to fans of the DC universe, will play Evil queen V snow White, another adaptation of one of the studio’s oldest and most beloved animated films. After all, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Disney’s first feature-length animated film, released in 1937. 86 years have passed since then, and the studios intend to present to the public a flesh-and-blood version of the protagonist of the princess with the features of Rachel Zegler. Gal Gadot will try his hand at the role villains and wanted to give a few brief summaries of his performance.

Gal Gadot shares some details of her experience on the set of Snow White

Gal Gadot probably won’t be re-entering the DC Universe anytime soon given the ongoing changes that the new duo at the top are very keen on. James Gunn and Peter Safran they are leading the DCU to a fresh start and there may not be room for that amazing woman by Gal Gadot. Given the unknown factor of the moment, the actress admitted that she did not live her life negatively. cancellation of the third film perform alone on Wonder Woman and take the opportunity to try your hand at other projects. If, on the one hand, he winked Margot Robbie saying that she is ready to do anything together (even Barbie Sequel?), on the other hand, the actress will soon return to the cinema, but for the role of a mean character. The Evil Queen will not rest until she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Director Mark Web and with the script Greta GerwigToday, Snow White prefers to keep a secret, so we know little about the plot and whether it will be as faithful to the classic cartoon as possible. There are rumors that the live-action film could have done without the seven dwarfs. Meanwhile, Gal Gadot teased British Vogue what to expect from his ruthless queen:

I don’t have a favorite character type. I think it was a lot of fun playing the Evil Queen. There was something delightful about this part, because it is a fairy tale and the first Disney villain. And because it’s a musical, I was able to lengthen my performance and make it much more dramatic and lively, which is just amazing. I liked it and changed my voice by doing different things. It was just super fun and I can’t wait to watch it. I can’t wait to see what the public thinks when it comes out.

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