Snow White, Gal Gadot auditioned to prove she could sing. She plays the Evil Queen

For several years, Disney has been betting on the live-action of its classics, and in 2024, a flesh and blood version of its very first animated feature film will be shown in all theaters. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Movie Snow White (which is due to be titled “Snow White” in Italian, but it’s not official yet), which will only be released to theaters around the world next year if there’s no delay, has already generated some controversy due to some inconsistent options. with classic Disney.

Snow WhiteGal Gadot had to prove she could sing to get the part of the Evil Queen.

The film was originally criticized by actor Peter Dinklage, star Game of Thrones and the star of the film musical Cyrano, who scathingly criticized the production for revisiting people with dwarfism as people living in mines. Because of this attack, it appears that the film studio decided to make the seven dwarfs magical creatures, which is a possible reason why the live-action adaptation of the animated feature film only lists “Snow White”) without giving a name. the presence of the seven dwarfs, as in the title of the 1937 film.

A few weeks ago, it was because of this decision that a photo was leaked to the Web, which depicts the alleged characters who were present on the set. snow White different nationalities and heights, and it was rumored that it was these seven dwarfs who became the seven beings. The photo went viral, but Disney himself denied that the seven dwarfs were in the photo, as they would be featured in the film. An actress will embody the first Disney princess Rachel Zeglerwhich, precisely because of leftover problems on the part of streaming platforms – one of the key themes of the Hollywood actors’ strike – demanded that when the film is distributed on Disney+, it wants to receive a percentage for each time the film is viewed.

If Zegler plays the lead role, then we’ll find an Israeli actress as the Evil Queen. Gal Gadot. In a recent interview, the Hollywood star revealed that he had to audition to get the part and didn’t get what he deserved. The actress had to go to audition, as she herself admitted. GQ.

In an interview, Gal Gadot confirmed for the first time that yes, she is playing the Evil Queen in Snow White, and then revealed that it had been some time since she had auditioned for the role. The reason he had to audition snow White, she explains, because the crew had to make sure she could sing. Indeed, in the new live action, which is also a musical, Gal Gadot plays the main villain of the story and performs a song. Talking about it, he revealed that he studied the song for about a month and then filmed it before he got the part. It was a fun experience for the actress as it was something different from what she was used to, ensuring that she actually did something.”tasty and nice” and that she is so satisfied that she can’t wait for the audience to see this movie and above all we present the scene of this song and how she interpreted it.

Speaking of Gal Gadot, we recall that she was the first choice made in the production of the film. Barbie to play the title character, but declined due to other commitments already made on other shoots.

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