“So McConaughey hasn’t happened yet”: when Anne Hathaway revealed that she predicted Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar after watching THIS unexpected film

In Christopher Nolan’s 2014 masterpiece Interstellar, Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey delivered powerful performances that anchored the film’s emotional core. Hathaway’s performance as Dr. Amelia Brand showcased her intelligence and vulnerability, while McConaughey’s performance as Cooper brought a mixture of determination and heartache to the screen. The deep connection between their characters and the journey through space and time they took added a deep layer to the sci-fi epic. Hathaway and McConaughey’s chemistry was palpable, making their collaboration in Interstellar a standout moment in their illustrious careers, earning critical acclaim and leaving a lasting impact on audiences.

Anne Hathaway predicted Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar

Back in 2014, Anne Hathaway and her co-star in Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece Interstellar appeared on The Graham Norton Show, where they spoke candidly about Matthew McConaughey. When Norton noted Hathaway’s “excitement” to work with Matthew, she said, “I was excited to work with Matthew, I mean, who wouldn’t be? He’s great.” Norton then asked “why she was so excited to work with Matthew,” and she replied, “Well, there were a few reasons. I’ve been a fan, you know, for a while, like a lot of people. And I I remember sitting down with Chris to talk about the movie and he said he had written a new script and he told me the story and I thought it sounded amazing. And I said, “Well, this lead role sounds incredible, who are you going to play on it? And he said, “Well, I was thinking about Matthew McConaughey.” It’s early 2013, so McConaussan hasn’t happened yet, so we haven’t, you know, realized the genius of this man yet. And he says, “Oh, you think that it’s a good idea, have you seen Mud.” And I said, “No, I’ve seen Magic Mike.”

She continued, “And Chris said, ‘Oh yeah,’ and I said, ‘Magic Mike is a performance,’ and Chris was like, ‘Oh.’ And then he clearly wants to move the conversation forward and I won’t shut up about how much I love Matthew McConaughey, you’re so good in that movie. Like, he’s hot and sexy and intense and all this stuff, but you’re such an incredible character and so deep and scary and funny and he’s also so sneaky and it’s like, I remember I walked out of the theater and I told all my friends, “Matthew McConaughey will win an Oscar.” And I knew it the moment I saw you on that poster, and I thought this man was going to win an Oscar, and I was right.”

Other works by Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey

Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey also star in the gripping noir thriller Serenity (2019). In this unconventional film, Hathaway played a femme fatale and McConaughey played the captain of a fishing boat caught in a web of intrigue. Their collaboration in Serenity showcased their ability to captivate audiences with their on-screen chemistry, adding a new dimension to their impressive repertoire of collaborations.

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