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“The back deserves the same care as the face,” says esthetician Elizabeth Martillo, who adds, being in hot or very hot conditions all day Breakouts that cause sweaty or acne-prone skin on the back. That’s why it’s important to take care of it and maintain complete hygiene and sterility.

Currently, a useful brush for bathing is found on the market.Add this as a regular Exfoliate to keep your back always cleanwhich also helps eliminate dead cells.

At present, someone found in the market A brush to use in the shower. Apart from that, keep your back clean by exfoliating regularly, which also helps to get rid of dead cells.

“Another suggestion is to wear clean clothes. For acne, there is a treatment called a Hollywood peel that can help shrink pores. Just like you are washing your face. When you have a lot of breakouts, you should be evaluated for hormonal causes, and if so, you should see your doctor. ’ Expert advice and left a few tips.

body cream

after bath Moisturize your back with face cream for the body. If you use body lotion, apply to damp skin.

“Another tip is to wear clean clothes. If you have acne, there is a treatment called a Hollywood peel that can help shrink pores,” says esthetician Elizabeth Hammer.

physical examination

it is essential Have an annual checkup with a dermatologist Thoroughly remove all moles, not only the back but the whole body. This makes it possible to detect possible abnormalities such as melanoma, many of which are often dangerous.

brushes and sponges

if your skin Oily back, use a brush and loofah Clean once or twice a week. But if it’s dry, avoid going through them at all costs because you might irritate it.


Horsehair Gloves Are an Excellent Exfoliator. If used once a week, you will be able to remove all impurities, dead cells and fat from your back.

glycerin soap

wash the skin on the back frequently use the right soapit is best to use neutral or glycerin.

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