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Two years after they said goodbye Zane AND Gigi Hadid they seemed close again.

Although since their separation he has been modeling her Gigi Hadid (arrested for possession of marijuana while on holiday in the Caymans) has always stated that he wants to maintain a good relationship with the lead singer of One Direction in order to give his daughter Khai the opportunity to grow up in a serene and happy family, in recent days there seems to be a certain rapprochement between the two exes after an interview that published by the singer of the group “Dusk until down”.

“We both have a great relationship with Khai, she is the most important thing for us, so yes, everything is going well,” he said. Zane From Gigi during a podcast interview call her papa. More unique than rare is the claim that Zane Malikusually talks very carefully about his personal life and, above all, about his relationship with Hadidwhich today seems stronger than ever.

In fact, after a very long period of silence Gigi Hadid on Instagram he put a little heart on the photo of the ex-boyfriend that he showed Zane shirtless, from the back, with tattoos for all to see.

This has revived the idea of ​​a possible flashback between the two stars among fans of the former couple, who, as far as we know, are both single. Although in recent months there has been much talk of flirting between Gigi Hadid AND Leonardo DiCaprioat the moment, there doesn’t seem to be anything official between them yet, and the same can be said for the 30-year-old singer as well”love like this”, whose personal life seems to be put on hold for the moment (after the abrupt interruption of acquaintance with Selena Gomez) to make room for music and, who knows, maybe even to get closer to Gigi.

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