Socks: new sneakers?

For fashion history lovers Sock Shoes they are nothing more than a modern imitation of the satin ankle boots popular in the Victorian era, or Japanese jika-tabi from 1600; however, for sports lovers they are the ideal shoes formountaineering or water sports such as surf. Latest design from Kanye Westwho in recent days has been barefoot by the paparazzi on the streets of Rome and the canals of Venice, brings an old-fashioned look to the present day, making it real, very simple, sock. And while these new Yeezys are a far cry from the ones we’re used to, considering one of the brand’s signature elements has always been the swollen and sculpted soles of the Boost 350 V2, the rapper’s most avid supporters have already taken the bait, as have the Fashion Week runways.

The sock shoes Kanye wears during his summer holidays look a lot like Scuba diving boots which he showed off a couple of times back in 2019, but unlike those that never made their debut on the market, Ye seems determined to complete sales of the new prototype. In May last year, the rapper filed a trademark application “YZY SOCK SHOES”, in the document, which TMZ reports, the shoes are described as “socks with leather soles.” While we still don’t know when the Sock Shoes will actually release, several Kanye fans have already dove in search of a pair similar to the one the rapper wore, settling on Sand socksof which some documented an online purchase. “The shoes are designed for beach sports such as volleyball and running,” written by a user on Reddit, “There is padding in the toe and heel area for stability, which I found very interesting. Moreover, if desired, you can literally put them in your pocket. I can understand why he wanted to try these shoes before releasing his model soon.” Previously we told you about men’s ballet shoes, a trend present in the latest summer fashion shows, but perhaps we have not taken into account the quality that sneaker lovers seem to be interested in more and more as gorpcore to these socks with sand: ergonomics. The growing attention that new generations are paying to the soles of their feet and how they are supported or not by the shoes they wear can be seen on TikTok, where there is a hashtag #five fingers – socks Vibram designed to simulate barefoot walking – has over 24 million views. Likewise, recent fashion weeks have seen a number of webbed shoes inspired by animal hooves and paws.

Tracing the history of the sock shoe backwards, from Kanye to recent fashion weeks, leather socks soft total of white and black colors worn by models Dolce Gabbana for SS24, as well as developed Demna for the FW23 collection from Balenciaga, although in this case the heel was supported by a thin stiletto heel. During the same season Mathieu Blasi turned a cotton sock into blende – now a characteristic feature of his artistic direction – from Bottega Veneta, a cream-colored knit weave that looks like wool but feels like a durable leather texture. Finally Maximilan Davis at the first presentation Ferragamospring-summer 23, where models walked down the big red carpet in black knitted sock boots.

Judging by the number of brands that have brought Sock Shoes to the runway, it really seems like this trend is here to stay, and not just because of Kanye. Despite the various negative comments that Instagram and Twitter users are leaving about the new Yeezy, they are predicting success for streetwear as well. After all, why envy them? Speed ​​by Balenciaga and to Stocking boots by Rick Owenswhat if it’s not the sole?

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