Sofia Vergara’s birthday fitting for the ‘Modern Family’ star

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sofia vergara birthday Yelling, and not out of fear of time passing but out of fear of how time doesn’t seem to pass. Indeed, the beautiful Colombian actress blew out 51 candles today, but according to the photos posted on her social networks, she is so healthy that she looks less than twenty years old. Regardless of what the secret of his eternal youth is, proper nutrition certainly plays a role and this is demonstrated by the fact that he is spending this momentous day in our beautiful Italy, where cooking reigns supreme. Could a good plate of pasta be the magic that makes the cult name of TV series buffs available even on Netflix, which has recently been boosted as subscriptions always seem the same? Here’s how the appointment came about and how.

Sofia Vergara’s birthday, career in Italy

How can anyone be entitled to party in one of the most beautiful countries in the world? A career full of lots of success with lots of work to do. International Sofia has become famous all over the world thanks to her hilarious style Cult status comedy “Modern Family”, which highlighted his incredible comedic qualities alongside frank sexiness. As far as cinema is concerned, it has not stood still. Her many fans around the world do not forget the hilarious comedy “Escape in High Heels” with iconic blonde Reese Witherspoon and “The Smurfs” with Neil Patrick Harris and Katy Perry.

Ale’The artistic evolution of Sofia Vergara Eleven seasons after the award-winning series Modern Family, when she became a judge on “America’s Got Talent” alongside another blonde, Heidi Klum, and also continued her activity as an entrepreneur of glamorous brands. Who knows the importance of healthy skin better than them? Hence the launch of “Toti”, a range of products aimed at protecting the skin from the sun.


There Star of “Modern Family” She tells People magazine some of her beauty secrets. Here are the text words:

“I always have eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick on me. I also like to wear these in the morning… and of course my sunscreen.”

Another area in which he has been active and which has definitely worked him in favor at the age of 51 is sunscreen. Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, near the Caribbean Sea, she explained why it is such a central theme:

“The plan was always to go to the beach, but we did it the wrong way. We didn’t know how to protect ourselves: we applied coconut oil… it was like frying a chicken!”

Things took another turn in her twenties, when she seriously researched the benefits of SPF and her beauty routine changed radically:

Sofia Vergara’s “Toti” line includes not only sunscreen, but also antioxidant-rich supplements and the perfect makeup to apply daily.

sofia vergara birthday, family

And if Toti was Vergara’s surname since childhood, one has to wonder with whom in our country the actress is sharing these happy hours. being married to an actor Joe Manganiello (“True Blood” and “Magic Mike”), the idea is that he, among other things, we will soon see in the cinema in the thriller “The Killing Room” with Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson.

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