‘Sometimes you need to remind people’

LeBron James continues to change expectations for older athletes. The 38-year-old scored a season-high 37 points, including the game-winning free throw, in the Los Angeles Lakers’ 105-104 win on Sunday night, plus six rebounds, eight assists and three assists. Steals. Houston Rockets.

Less than two weeks ago, the Rockets embarrassed the Lakers and handed them their worst loss of the season, but LeBron made sure that didn’t happen again on Sunday night. It was James’ 109th 30-point game as a Laker, and he believes James should silence some of his critics who question why he came to Los Angeles in the first place.

“Because sometimes you need to remind people,” LeBron said after the win. “The picture shows this is my 108th 30-point game with the Lakers, so sometimes you have to remind people.”

Many believed LeBron came to Los Angeles simply to help his off-court ventures and end his career. While that may have been a factor in his decision, numbers like this and the championships he won with the Lakers have made it clear that he’s here to compete.

Sunday’s performance was even more impressive considering LeBron is still dealing with calf issues and the Lakers revealed he’s also been dealing with illness of late. But he’s just trying to get over it now. “I don’t know, come on,” LeBron responded when asked how he was in this situation despite not feeling great. “Show up and put in the work, then go out and believe in it.”

LeBron is currently in excellent form, averaging 29.6 points, 8.2 rebounds, 8.2 assists and 2.2 steals in the Lakers’ past five games, shooting 63.1% from the field and 51.6% from three-point range. James can easily relax, take a step back and still be efficient, but the desire to push his own limits continues to motivate the Lakers star.

“Just trying to push the envelope and see how far I can take this thing. “I don’t know,” LeBron added. “It’s me versus me. Father Time, so I’m trying to change the narrative. Starting last year, trying to see if I can continue, but just competing. Then I glanced over at one point and saw Bronny sitting on the sidelines too, so that was good, I still need to turn the volume up a little while he’s in the building. So that’s definitely a motivating factor.

“My teammates joke that I lay up the ball too much when I’m open, so I want to change that as well. “I tell them I’m not in good shape right now and let me get back into shape. “

If LeBron James is still getting back into shape, the rest of the league should be very worried when he reaches his peak.

Lakers’ LeBron James fires back at those who say he’s only in LA to ‘make movies’

On Sunday night, James had time to face all his detractors and critics. This was his 100th 30-point game as a member of the Lakers, leading the Lakers to a one-point victory, and he had more than just something to say after the game.

LeBron also posted a still photo of himself on Instagram before the game and had a few words for those who think he joined the Lakers purely to make movies.

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