Songs, the best releases of the week (August 4)

From The Hives to Doja Cat, from Queens of the Stone Age to new Dada’ and Nayt singles, here are the best songs of the week!

Hives – “Tradoor Decision” and “Bomb”

Hives - photo Phoebe Fox
Hives – Photo by Phoebe Fox

hives release two singles “Loophole Solution” AND “Bomb”, excerpts from their long-awaited album The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons, their first in over a decade, to be released on August 11th. “Trapdoor Solution” is a little over a minute long and is frenetic and heartbreaking, while “The Bomb” is an acerbic and dizzying puzzler reminiscent of their early nineties work.

Queens Of The Stone Age – “Negative Space”

Queens of the Stone Age - Photo by Andreas Neumann
Queens of the Stone Age – Photo by Andreas Neumann

OUR Queens of the Stone Age they keep showing up “group at the height of its power” and share the new lyric video for “Negative Space”created and directed by Liam Lynch stating: “Acceptance is lonely, messy and tough, especially when it’s all that’s left. This video takes place between the end and a new beginning. Desperate emotions, messages in bottles that are thrown away and left to float. No action is required.”

Doja Cat – “Paint the City Red”

“Paint the town red” is the new single from the multi-platinum Grammy-winning superstar. Doja Cat. The music video is directed by Nina McNeeloo and Dodja Cat herself: filmed in Los Angeles, it is based on three pictures of the international superstar, each recreating scenes from the video.

Martelli – “Magic Life”

Released June 16 last year. “Magic Life” Martelli now he also has a video entrusted to the skillful hands and directing skills of unknown passers-by on the streets of downtown Milan. With an exploit of Italia’s Got Talent “Bello Bello”, a song that sneers at the Self Made Man concept and that will be the most viewed video on YouTube in Italy in 2022 and on the Spotify Viral 50 for a few weeks, Martelli repeats in “Magic”. life” concept that work is not the most important thing in life. The artist states that the song “he confines himself to a simple statement of the premise of this reasoning: using our energy and resources to pursue an abstract thing like profit is a short-sighted choice, moreover, it is suicide.”

Dada’ – “Eternal Passion”

DADA' _Mammarella_PHOTO 1

Versatile Neapolitan singer and songwriter. Yes Yes’ completes the kaleidoscopic design of his musical project “Mammarella” with the release of the sixth and final song. “Eternal Passion”. It was to a cover of Mario Merola’s “Passione Eterna” that Dada’ decided to entrust the EP with a worthy conclusion, however, making the original version bounce in the sophisticated world of r&b produced by Big Fish. Only in the memory of another can one continue to live, only in mutual care; contemplating another, a person protects his ego and projects himself into eternity.

Knight – “done ooooooo”


Knight publishes a new freestyle titled “done soooo”, a stylistic exercise in which he rhymes goals achieved. Live sales, certifications, growing numbers and requests for exploits: a true statement of self-awareness that shows us how a reality different from the crowd, able to stay true to itself and not compromise, is able to achieve the success it deserves.

Still Charles – Tinder

Absolute winner 1MNEXT 2023 Still Charles is back with a new single Tinder in which he, in Goliardish, tells a story lived not so long ago. The song, very light and ironic, was written in one evening and since then the voices and production have not changed much.

Ele A – “Tennis Club”

After collaborating with Dj Shocca and Guè on the single “El Clásico”, ELE A come back with a new song “Tennis Club”produced by Disse, mixed and mastered by Tommaso Colliva. In this work, the artist shows us two faces of the surrounding world, where someone else’s happiness, which we envy so much, does not always correspond to the truth. Life often comes down to passing the ball, and whoever manages to stay in the game wins. “The tennis club, using metaphors and parallels with tennis, tells about a reality that is often not what it seems, but hides something else.”

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