South Park’s 10 Darkest Episodes

South Park prides itself on being an outrageous, cheeky series that isn’t afraid to get into very dark situations. It’s definitely better than most adult animated series out there, because South Park is first and foremost a satire of life and popular culture. But even when compared to its own content, some episodes stand out from others in their darker tone. Here’s a ranking of the 10 darkest South Park episodes in the show’s history, from least dark to darkest.

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We talk about characters who are faced with extreme choices, take more serious approaches to certain topics, and discuss situations that are controversial enough for traditional audiences. Of course, the whole affair is mostly viewed with the extreme skepticism and outrageous sense of humor for which South Park is now known. But sometimes even South Park reaches a much darker peak than expected. Spoilers follow.

10. Chef Returns – Season 10, Episode 1

South Park;  chef

anymore Isaac Hayes (original voice actor)’s character has left the show chef He had to retire and retirement was never so sad. chef get back to South Park after spending some time traveling with Super Adventure Club, the boys got it chef He has changed dramatically, speaks strangely and expresses ill wishes towards them.

the boys go Super Adventure Clubonly to find it chef He has been brainwashed into following the bad practices of the club. when they try to save him, chef He was eventually struck by lightning, set on fire and hung over rocks, but was killed by some mountain lions. Definitely a dark and very sad ending for a character. South Park Much loved by the fans. definitely deserves to be one of the 10 darkest episodes South Park,

9. Woodland Creatures Christmas – Season 8, Episode 4

South Park

of all christmas specials South Park Made over the years, it’s one of the creepiest and darkest ever made, but also arguably the best. a few days before christmas, Stan Find a group of talking woodland creatures forming a tree. they are thrilled because of their friend porcupine Who will give birth to their savior. But what begins as a time of joy and fun soon ends up as hell, especially since the creatures are actually devil worshippers.

they figure it out Kelly It is the perfect vessel to capture the spirit of the Antichrist and usher in a new age of darkness. Now it’s Stan’s duty to stop them with the help of a group of orphaned puppies and a gun-wielding Santa. An unconventional Christmas for sure.

8. Brittany Must Die – Season 12, Episode 2

South Park;  Britney Spears

britney must die one of those rare cases of South Park Walking around a celebrity but instead of making fun of them seems to pity them. start a new service Britney Spears Thus, a broadcast warning citizens of the star’s presence in the city Stan And Kelly They decided to try to get a picture of him to sell to newspapers.

But the more time they spend with her, the more they realize that she is just looking for a way to avoid the press. As the episode continues, Britney He is pushed to the limit, eventually having half his head literally blown off, only to be photographed dead by the paparazzi as part of an ancient sacrifice. It definitely deserves a spot on this ranking of the 10 darkest episodes South Park,

7. The Butters Episode – Season 5, Episode 14

parent of butter Past episodes of South Park have always featured themselves as terrible people, but this one is especially devoted to butter It certainly brought them down to a low that had never been reached before. After discovering her husband’s apparent infidelity, the crazed mother tries to drown the poor man butter Throwing the car in the river.

Once she calms down, she realizes what she has done and the two begin brazenly lying about their son’s whereabouts and claiming that he has been kidnapped. they both don’t know butter He survived the incident but still ignores his parents’ horrible behavior towards him. butter They seem to have an innate ability to move into the most painful and darkest of situations, capable of destroying one’s childhood.

6. Kenny Dies – Season 5, Episode 13

Up to this point in the series, Kenny He dies in almost every episode of South Park, and quietly returns the following week, alive and well, without explanation. but in kenny diesHe is faced with a terminal illness which this time kills him “forever”.

The rest of the boys react differently to the disease Kenny, Kelly stays in the hospital to be with him, Stan she refuses to see him because of the pain car driver It was decided to take the opportunity to lift the ban on stem cell research. fortunately, Kenny He will return after one year living as if nothing had happened and intending to stay there as long as possible.

5. Win or Lose – Season 10, Episode 14

South Park

In this episode of South Park, after his bike was pulled Stan finds himself trapped in coaching a team of Hockey For little kids. one of the boys, NelsonSuffers from a terminal illness and has only one victory against I detroit red wings It might be enough to save his life. Unfortunately, the team is not quite ready to participate in the professional league.

Naturally, audiences have come to expect sports-centric stories win or lose End in team victory and defeat, or at least a mitigation of the disease. But instead it ends on a dark and extremely brutal note that may be uplifting for one team but downright devastating for another. definitely one of the 10 darkest episodes South Park,

4. Posse of the Kids – Season 4, Episode 5

In a typical display of narcissism, car driver He decides that his normal friends aren’t “big enough” for him anymore. So he decides to look for some adult friends on the internet, but ends up in the clutches of a group Nambla, The group invites the boys to join them at a hotel, but it is clear that the members do not have their best interests at heart.

In the meantime, Kenny He learns that his mother and father are trying to have another child and does everything possible to ensure that the child does not happen. Two storylines collide in utter chaos on this episode of South Park, which is helped along by the presence of the couples Marlon BrandoFrom Search to Style Scooby Doo through the hotel and by the father’s sudden need Kenny To take a hot bath.

3. Crack Athletic Association Employees – Season 15, Episode 5

Alla in a typically evil plan car driverHe, butter, Craig And clyde decide to make Crack Athletic Association Employees, In this new company, he films drug-addicted kids fighting among themselves and posts their videos online. They soon became incredibly popular, even receiving offers EA Sports Making a video game out of it.

although horrified by the antics car driver, Kelly He finds himself directly participating in his plans. Unfortunately, the happy ending the kids get doesn’t in any way lessen the shock of using children’s drug addiction for profit.

2. HumanCentipad – Season 15, Episode 1

When it comes to traumatic events faced by adolescents, Kelly is second after Kenny For trauma suffered in various cases. But no previous episode of South Park has ever been set Kelly she’s in a worse position than the one she finds herself in in the episode human centipede, One day the boy finds himself downloading the latest updates for his e tune But makes the almost fatal mistake of not reading the terms and conditions of use.

Steve Jobs and its agents Apple They capture him and after falling into their hands he is forced to suffer the terrible punishment they have created the human Centipede, Ultimately, the only happy note this episode ends on is when car driver He is struck by lightning because of making God angry.

1. Scott Tenorman Must Die – Season 5, Episode 4

South Park

scott tenorman must die marks a turning point in the character of car driver From a racist bully to a borderline psychotic supervillain with childlike characteristics. In this episode, car driver He finds himself the target of teenage pranks and bullying Scott Tenorman, no matter what car driver tries to take revenge Scott Always seems to be one step ahead.

perhaps the worst and darkest thing ever done by car driver From the start of the show till date, he decides to take his revenge from the book Titus Andronicus, Cartman kills Scott’s parents, turns them into peppers and feeds them to a terrified man. Scott In his final act of vengeance.

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