Spain’s 1500m trident enters Budapest with right foot

Changes in the classification of some sporting events world cup The metamorphosis was created in the early rounds.For example, in a 1500m race, trying to finish in the top six at the finish line resulted in tripping, shoving, stomping, fighting from the start; obstacles to resolve tuition fee Three Spaniards in Budapest: Adel Machal, Mario Garcia Romo.

The first to attempt the new wave of ranked matches was Adel Mejal between him and Jacob Inglebryson, the superstar of the category. In this case, the favorites were dismissed to avoid any surprises.The time to cross the finish line is 3:33.94 The Norwegian was in the lead and three were killed in the battle on the first lap (Matthew Ramsden, Tom Elmer and Emil Danielsson rolled off the tartan and can no longer keep up with their competitors).

Among the chaotic athletes, he employs a smart strategy. Even when he was counting his companions in the final sprint, he saved a little energy, and was relieved to see that he had entered the top six. “I felt good until the last 100 meters, comfortable and focused on my arms and legs. I’m confident in the last game I’ll move on to another. It was a good race, in a good mood”, explained the Spaniard, who was delighted that it was a fast race. He finished fourth (3:34,35).

completely different test Mario Garcia Romo. The Spaniard, who plays American college games for most of the year, found himself stuck in a very slow series. Facing the difficulties that a trot-start race might present him, he decided to advance a kilometer, at least to have a clear position before the final comeback wave.

The plan was half-successful as he avoided tripping and slapping, but in the final 150m the momentum of the sign-ups swallowed him into the line. Then, like a superhero with iron will and explosive power, he comes up with an unusual sequence: His career, he thought, had come to a halt take center stage and Accelerates so far behind his opponent that he is able to slow down Be the first to cross the finish line before the finish line (3:46,77).

Keeping calm is important in these tournaments, it’s not just about fitness or good grades. In those stressful moments, you have to know how to stay calm and take the right decisions,” Mario García Romo revealed of the situation he has resolved.

Mario García Romo at the World Cup in Budapest

Sean Baudrill//Getty Images

the third spaniard he took semi-final tickets 1500m race Budapest Outdoor Athletics World Championships used to be mohammad katil. In this case, the athlete from Mugla preferred to let others fight hard on the first lap, having seen the danger of collisions and falls in previous series. In addition, he chose to scramble until the last 800 meters, using his excellent final as a resource.

With two laps to go, Mo Katir took the lead, securing his place among the leading six drivers. As the bell rang, he showed a bit of strength by taking the lead in the Test. Only in the final metres, with a guaranteed cut, has he stocked up for some World Cups where he will also be ambitiously competing in the 5,000m.

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On the other hand, in classification discus Spanish Yasser Sotero ends at 34th out of 35 entrants do our best to achieve 55.89 meters.

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