Speed ​​Balloon Award | Cristiano Ronaldo fan ‘Yo Dou’ Speed ​​reacts as Messi wins Ballon d’Or for eighth time

Nothing else was talked about.Invitation from the famous American “youtube” iShowSpeed (or simply speed) Attend the party golden ball It promised, and the streamer didn’t disappoint.most 570,000 His journey through this famous ceremony was witnessed Awards Football, content creators are responsible for leaving a long list ‘time’ And the great protagonists of the evening: player.

Speed, 18+ 21 million He was able to meet and take photos with some of his subscribers on YouTube Idol and Award winner The evening featured names such as Madridista Jude Bellingham and Vinicius the Younger.

In addition, he also spoke with other big names such as the Portuguese. Ruben Dias and Bernard Silvawho claims he grew up in Madeira, or is a Serbian tennis player Novak DjokovicAfter learning about the humor reel used by this “youtuber”, he tricked him into saying that he was Milan.

And the goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Emiliano Martinezand the top scorer of the year, the Norwegian Erling Haaland – who barks and sniffs like a dog – appears in Speed’s live show, however, we don’t see it cristiano ronaldo.The “youtuber” persona is largely based on his identity excessive fanaticism The Portuguese star currently plays for Al-Nassr absent At yesterday’s party.

excessive fanaticism

That’s the extent fanaticism What Velocity says about the former Real Madrid player – who wasn’t even selected 30 Best Football Players of the Issue – On Delivery golden ball Men can’t help but show off their disappointment see how Leo Messi He was declared the winner for the eighth time.

I don’t know what level I am in reaction They overacted, North American “anchors” he stood up from his chair with a gesture of sadness and disbelief that ultimately leads to a disaster applaud Everyone present was facing the Argentinian striker.other viral clip For speed collection.

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