Squatters at former slaughterhouse: seven evicted

They were squatters in a former slaughterhouse Monza. State and local police detained seven people, six of whom were illegal.

Away from the seven squatters of the former slaughterhouse

Yesterday morning, Friday, August 18, in the framework of a joint operation of the General Police Department and the local police of Monza, after reports from citizens, access was opened to the territory of the former massacre on Via Procaccini.

Once inside, the police surprised seven squatters, all homeless, non-EU citizens, and an Italian citizen born in Turin and living in Cinisello Balsamo.

Some are already known to the police

Non-EU nationals who were identified and removed from the zone used as temporary shelter were found to have followed photo-alarm procedures at the Provincial Scientific Police Office of Monza and Brianza Police Headquarters.

All of them were also illegal in Italy. He is a 26-year-old Moroccan citizen living in the province of Lecco with countless precedents in drug trafficking and property crimes; another 30-year-old citizen, born in Libya, with Moroccan citizenship and homeless, burdened with serious crimes, including several times convicted and registered for robbery and drug trafficking, who is forbidden to stay in Lombardy, has been repeatedly violated and reported; another 22-year-old Moroccan citizen, homeless and saddled with numerous drug dealing precedents, had already been imprisoned in Potenza and released in July because he applied for political asylum and failed to appear at the Commission’s hearings; another 30-year-old Moroccan citizen also reported drug dealing, is homeless and has a history of drug dealing; and another Moroccan citizen, only 18 years old, who is homeless and has committed serious crimes such as robbery, aggravated theft and drug trafficking.

You are outside of Italy, the order for the expulsion of Turin

Non-EU citizens were escorted to the immigration office and, given their irregular presence on Italian territory, the quaestor of Monza and Brianza, Marco Odoricio took the measure of expulsion from Italian territory within seven days.

With regard to the Italian citizen, the Anti-Crime Police Department of the Police Headquarters of Monza and Brianza was called upon to take a preventive action by the quaestor to inform the municipality of Monza in the street. These services will also continue in the coming days.


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