SSM Verifies Grocery Stores Participating in Taco Fest 2023

Morelia, Michoacan, November 5, 2023. – In order to prevent gastrointestinal risks and diseases, the Michoacán State Health Department (SSM), through the State Council for the Protection of Sanitary Risks (Coepris), has verified a total of 36 establishments selling food and food items that are in compliance with the traditional festivals that will take place this weekend Distributed in the garden of Orquidario on the occasion of Taco Fest 2023.

To this end, health promotion staff have made a series of prevention recommendations to 98 businesses, from washing hands and hygienic handling before and after using the toilet to keeping perishable products refrigerated when processing food. Separate raw food from cooked food to avoid cross contamination.

Likewise, promotional materials are provided on the techniques and care for cleaning water tanks and water tanks, as well as sodium hypochlorite tablets, which are mainly used as disinfectants for drinking water, with the purpose of preventing the spread of bacteria, viruses and other diseases. causing microorganisms. At the same time, 180 bottles of colloidal silver were also distributed for disinfection of fruits, vegetables and water.

These actions are essential to prevent stomach infections such as diarrhea, cholera, colitis, gastritis, etc.; therefore, health personnel insist that food preparers implement every recommendation to guarantee medical care.

On the other hand, participants emphasized that if they notice any establishment not complying with hygiene measures, they should complain via email: or call: 800 841 45 54 so that our health verifiers can can be processed later.

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