Star Wars: Kathleen Kennedy talks about the film’s connection to Rey and the James Mangold film | Movie

In an interview with GamesRadar+, President of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy talked about upcoming films star Wars which are currently under development.

For the first time he spoke about the film dedicated to Ray (Daisy Ridley) to her goal of creating a new Jedi order: “What’s always been great about Star Wars is that we’re talking about a very big galaxy, and now we’re at a big war with the First Order. Rey made a promise to Luke, and that will be the basis of where we go and what we say. The story will provide a great opportunity to introduce new characters and start with something new as we take stock of what George (Lucas) was creating. It’s time to take it all and open a new chapter.“.

The film with Rei will look to the future, and the director’s film James Mangold everything will be about the past: despite this, the two projects will be surprisingly connected: “This got Jim[Mangold]excited right away, and it’s very exciting what Rey and I are planning for the future, (…) which will be about creating a new Jedi Order, so actually finding out how things started with the Dawn of the Jedi can be very strong“.

Upcoming Star Wars films currently have a release date set. May 22, 2026To December 18, 2026 and all December 17, 2027.

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