Stars that are similar to each other: all twins of the star system

Today, Bianca Censori and Kim Kardashian are compared as often as Barba D’Urso and Mirta Merlino, making them rivals. However, in show business, an “acquired twin” is always useful. Also as a backup. Find out what happened, for example, to Kira and Jessica.

Twins or doubles? Meet at red carpetfor some celebrities, it’s like looking in a mirror. From stars that look alike like drops of water, in fact there are many of them. Even if it is often aesthetic interventions on the face that tend to homogenize.

Even the fans were confused in some cases. This has happened many times to two Hollywood redheads, Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard. Both actresses have repeatedly had to emphasize in interviews and on social media that they are not one and the same, despite the fact that their hair color and round hands make them look the same. About the star Jurassic WorldChastain, for example, emphasized in the caption to one of her Tik Tok videos: “When it takes you 20 years to build a career and people still think you work in Jurassic Park. A joke that clears up the frustration.

Stars that look alike: sometimes it’s all about looks

After all, to one degree or another, we are still talking about prima donnas. He knows it well Kanye West who likes this genre? It’s a lot. His new passion, designer Bianca Censorsis an exact copy Kim Kardashian with whom he had seven years of marriage and four children. The comparison doesn’t just apply to Bianca’s outfits, which are increasingly reminiscent of Kim’s. And also a curvaceous body and facial features. It wouldn’t be surprising if they both visited the same beautician!

In Italy, however, the flag of similar VIPs is waved high by Barbara D’Urso and Myrta Merlin. At least according to the fans. Since the presenter of Neapolitan origin was replaced as host by Mirta Merlino Day 5The network has gone crazy: on social networks, many write, supplemented by cute memes, thatThe new color and style of Mirta Merlino are inspired by D’Urso’s style.. And indeed, there are some similarities!

Historical “rivalry” between similar celebrities

There is no doubt that in some cases it is convenient to have an acquired twin. Similarities between Keira Knightley AND Natalie Portmanfor example, it is so obvious that the first in the film acted as a double of the second. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 1999.

Paola Barale began her career as a Madonna lookalike (photo: Getty)

However, there are rumors that Katy Perrywhen she was not yet famous, exploited her resemblance to the actress Zooey Deschanel enter the clubs of Los Angeles. While career dancer Italian Paola Barale She finally became popular in the late 1980s, when even the international tabloids mistook her for the Queen of Pop. Madonna.

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But the list doesn’t end there. Discover stars that look like drops of water in the gallery.


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