Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were not effective and the Warriors are off the throne of the NBA: “They missed some shots, they are human”

For the first time since 2014 Golden State was eliminated in the postseason as early as May

Los Angeles – Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have dominated their opponents through open 3-pointers and flawless shooting.

Curry and Thompson made just 6 of 26 3-point attempts in Friday’s 122-101 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 6 of a second-round series.

The Lakers advanced to the Western Conference finals, while the Warriors were eliminated in the postseason in May for the first time since 2014.

It’s also the first time since the trio of Curry, Thompson and Draymond Green hasn’t advanced to the NBA Finals when all three are healthy.

“We came up short, which is weird,” Green admitted. “At the end of the day they (Curry and Thompson) missed a few shots. They are human.”

The Warriors finished 13 of 48 3-point attempts. Coach Steve Kerr said that even though his team got a few open shots early on, they couldn’t make those shots.

“We were rushed. I think we forced things in the first quarter and missed a few open shots that could have put us in a better rhythm,” Kerr said. “I give the credit to the Lakers. Dennis Schröder as the starter put pressure on us and made it difficult for us to pass the ball”.

But Kerr indicated that the series was decided in Games 1 and 4, which the Warriors lost. In a 104-101 Game 4 loss, Curry and Thompson made just 6 of 23 3-pointers.

The Lakers came in determined not to let Curry score and harassed him on defense. Golden State also had no response to Anthony Davis and LeBron James, who dominated in the paint.

Curry and Thompson were 16 of 33 3-pointers in the Warriors’ two wins, but just 31 of 97 in their four losses.

The Warriors lost the first two games of the first-round series to the Kings, but advanced in seven games. This meant that Golden State had no rest before facing the Lakers and they ran out of fuel at the end.

The Warriors' Klay Thompson tries to gain ground against the strong defense of Lakers center Anthony Davis.
The Warriors’ Klay Thompson tries to gain ground against the strong defense of Lakers center Anthony Davis. (Stephen Lam)

“The team was possibly maxed out,” Kerr confirmed. “We were out of the playoffs almost all year. Winning an epic first round and fighting the Lakers in this series puts us in the top eight teams in the league. It is possibly where we should be.”

“It is not a championship team. If it were, we would have moved on.”

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