Stephen Curry predicts who will be the NBA’s next LeBron James

LeBron James He is a great living legend in the NBA. However, he is 38 years old and is still a long way from retirement. that’s why, stephen curry He boldly proposed who could succeed him in the future.

Who will be the next LeBron James?

After advising him to consider the possibility of quitting, LeBron James He backed down and pledged that he would be with the team for at least one more season. angels lakers; he is even expected to play until the 2025 season, when he may realize his dream of playing with the team browniehis eldest son.

With that background in mind, the NBA world will of course analyze who can take his place in the short term.who is involved in this debate stephen curry.great star golden state warriors He doesn’t assume himself, especially because he’s 35, and because his profile is different: he changed the history of basketball and shifted the game to long-distance shooting, etc., but because of style, he Not suitable for this ‘prediction'”. So, he bet: “luca Doncic Apparently, he’s the one who’s about to get all the accolades. When you play against him, you can feel it. “

Not yet 24, the Slovenian is the only player in history since LeBron James to record a triple-double of 60 points, 10 assists and 21 rebounds; Second basketball player to score over 50 points (he did it five times). As such, he’s neck-and-neck with King, behind only Michael Jordan — who scored at least 50 goals in 17 games in his first five years, an impressive 17 games.

Doncic was a key player for the Mavericks, scoring 35 points in 38 minutes against Cleveland

Will LeBron James retire with the Lakers?

los angeles lakers fell down before denver nuggets 0-4 victory in the Western Conference Finals. That’s when LeBron James brought up a debate that was going to happen at some point: Will he retire?

The Lakers star said after a grueling season that he has a lot on his mind.

“I wonder if I can still play the game without cheating, can I still give everything to the game? The truth is, I’ve been asking myself that question at the end of the season for several years. I’ve never talked about it publicly. thing,” he said.

However, he later announced that he would continue to play. His contract with the Lakers runs through the end of the season. 2024-25 If he decides to use his $51.4 million player option for his final season. At that time, he was 40 years old.

Fadeaway World, a site dedicated to the NBA, is trying to predict how much action time the Kings have left.

They have good reason to insist that he has at least two years, maybe even three, left in elite basketball. First, despite his age, he plays at a high level. Second, because he’s still chasing his dream of playing with his older son, Bronny, who suffered a cardiac arrest, his entry into the NBA will be delayed.

According to experts, LB23 will retire at the age of 41, although no one can guarantee that will happen to the Los Angeles Lakers jersey.

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LeBron James nears new record

For a player, ten to fifteen seasons in the NBA is already a remarkable fact. It’s almost 20, and it’s getting closer. But when you play 21 seasons in the best basketball league in the world, it all starts to make sense.

LeBron James is entering his 21st season in the NBA NBA Tied with Robert Parish, Dirk Nowitzki and Vince Carter.

However, it seems inevitable that he will surpass this trio in another statistic: how many points he is averaging in his 21st season in the NBA.

robert parrishBoston Celtics star retired at the age of 43, averaging 3.2 points per game; dagger NowitzkiThe Dallas Mavericks are averaging 7.3 points per game; the current leaders in the field are Vince sinkholeExperienced several teams and averaged 7.4 points per game in his 21st season.

Barring sports misfortune, LeBron James will top them all, as he hasn’t averaged less than 20.9 points per game in a season since his debut.

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