Steve Jobs’s Secret to Success Is the Secret I Use to Increase Productivity

I save time almost unconsciously by following the Apple founder’s motto at work

In this letter written by Jobs, collected in This book is from the Steve Jobs Archivessaid: “We all need time for uninterrupted personal work. Meetings (suppliers, interviews…) steal our personal time and the productivity of us engineers suffers.” Well, along the lines of this Through this line, we find the key to Jobs becoming a tycoon, and this has a lot to do with wasting time.

make it simple, or what is the same, make it simple.The mantra that Steve Jobs followed throughout his life was also the key to his success. And increase my productivity.

Finding Simplicity, Steve Jobs’ Secret to Success (and Best Productivity Tips)

“Less is more” is a concept widely used in the fashion industry.But the truth is, pursuing simplicity isn’t just about silent luxury. Apple is the epitome of simplicity and minimalism. At work, this quote is the best way to increase productivity.

“The way to make programming more efficient is not to increase the number of lines of code per day per programmer. That doesn’t work. “The way to make programming more efficient is to eliminate the lines of code that have to be written,” he said. That is, Steve Jobs was looking for a faster way to make it simpler and eliminate the unnecessary In any way.

Applying simplicity to your work isn’t easy, but achieving it makes it easier to have two things: a clear mind and more time we can spend on the things that really matter.Focus your energy on what really matters and focus on 80/20 rule Who tells us that of all the work we do, only 20% is truly important but delivers 80% of the results.

This key from Jobs can be applied to something as simple as prioritizing tasks, which we can simplify with the phrase “pick your battles.” Let’s say you have 10 tasks on the table. It’s Monday, 8am, and you already know you can’t get everything done, so it’s time to prioritize.For this you can use Eisenhower Matrix In one fell swoop, eliminate urgent but not important tasks that can be delegated, and tasks that are neither urgent nor important that can be eliminated. So we started simplifying our day.

Now it’s time to solve the task, so let’s focus on how to solve the problem with minimum effort. This doesn’t mean we become lazy, it means we become more efficient. Think of performing that task as the destination of your journey. Several roads are open before you. One is straight, one is curved and longer, and one is overgrown and you have to cut them off. Always choose the simplest one. Spend some time initially thinking about how to make your job easier, and you’ll gain time in the end. For example, I had to edit 20 images for an article and flatten them all to a certain size. If I use batch processing in Photoshop, I will be able to edit them all with just one keyboard command so that I don’t have to edit them one by one, saving a lot of editing time.

One trick is Avoid multitasking like Napoleon And focus on the issues one by one.Another approach is to look for the simplest solution as specified Occam’s razor theory. But really, the best thing for us is to think about how we can do it faster.In my case, I try to automate as many simple tasks as possible that would take me more time using technology and thereby avoiding the duplication of work suggested in the asana.

I repeat, this is not easy.but i already told you Less work leads to greater efficiency (scientifically based) and Finding solutions to the simplest tasks is all about increasing productivity. fiancé.

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