Stone Gossard: ‘New Pearl Jam album is on the finish line’

new album by Pearl Jam “Inching towards the finish line”, this is when reported by the guitarist of the Seattle band stone gossard during a hosted podcast ‘Kyle Meredith with…’, “We’re getting closer and closer, it’s going to be great,” Gossard said of what will be the twelfth studio album from the core group. Eddie Veddersuccessor of ‘Gigaton’ (Read review here) Released in March of 2020.

gossard already Last December he updated the media about the work progress of the new record that he will have as producer

Andrew Watts, Watt is known for his credited collaborations with pop stars such as Justin Bieber, Lana Del Rey And camilaca bilobut also made albums like “Lockdown Session” ,read review here) Of Elton John, “Patient Number 9” ,read review here) Of ozzy osbourne And “Every Loser” (read review here) Of Iggy Popprobably more similar Pearl JamAhead “Earthling” ,read review here) third single from the album eddie waddeR was published last year.

stone gossard In the interview he also admitted that Watt is “the hardest Pearl Jam fan I’ve ever met. He can play all our songs and all the Soundgarden songs, better than any of us can play them… It was such a pleasure to do it. There’s a record with him. He’s given us a lot of energy.”

Gossard, however, did not go so far as to declare whether that energy could lead to the sounds that characterized the band’s early nineties career. “You have to decide for yourself. Watt’s got the energy he’s looking for … He’s a member of the fan club, he’s seen the band 50 times. But he’s also a top-notch pop producer.”

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