Stone Gossard on new Pearl Jam album: ‘We’re about to finish it, it feels really good’

In two recent interviews, stone gossard has revealed some news on the new album by Pearl Jam,

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During a recent interview with Kyle Meredith, Stone Gossard talked about the making of Brad’s latest album, the moment you were bornthirty years after his debut (Shame) and comparing them with different recording experiences with the group Lieutenantmore difficult, and with the album Temple of the Dog (“The simplest and most direct recording ever”, said the guitarist).

During the interview, Gossard also talked about Loosegroove Records and the various records that would soon be released on the label (such as Bay leafhis 2001 solo debut), the fact that Vs His favorite record is still from Pearl Jam, and his current favorite bands are Bad Nerves.

Regarding Pearl Jam’s new album, Stone revealed that “We’re really close to the finish line, we’re about to make it. We’ve been recording for almost the entire past year and more, taking breaks from time to time to continue working on it. this will be a great record,

About the producer of the group’s new album, Andy Watt, the guitarist said: “He’s a great pop producer, a very funny person and he’s a diehard fan of not only Pearl Jam, but Soundgarden as well. He could memorize all the songs of both groups back to back and play better than us”, Stone said with a smile. He then continued: “It’s a real pleasure making this new album with him, he’s young, he’s enthusiastic, and it’s a blessing for us to work with him because he gave us so much energy that you can feel when you listen to the record,

When Kyle asked Stone if Watt wanted to create an unrefined Pearl Jam sound, Gossard said,He’s a member of the Ten Club, he’s seen us live over 50 times, but he’s also the producer of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez records, so he’s a pop producer, but I think I like pop more than him, You’ll understand everything when we release a new record,

The two then talk about Yield and its 25 years while Gossard comments on the fact that Jack Irons was so important to that record (“an extraordinary man, a great musician”) as well as its producer Brendan O’Brien (“That Was a Big Part of That Album, 25 Years Later, I Wouldn’t Change a Thing About Yield“). On the unreleased songs that were not released on the album, the guitarist said that there are not many, but he has several unreleased songs that have never been released since the beginning of his career and that he hopes to do sooner or later. They may be included in a possible second volume of Lost Dogs.”So you might say, how come you didn’t include this song on the record? this is the one i love the most”, he concluded with a smile.

During an interview with his biographer Jonathan Cohen, Gossard instead revealed that he expected to complete the new album by the end of the year. ,From the first mix i’ve heard, it sounds really cool, i’m really excited about this new album, The guitarist concluded by saying that Pearl Jam will play a few shows in the US between August and September but that in 2024 they will be playing a lot more concerts than they have scheduled for this year.

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