Stop Scratching: How to Remove Stickers from Jars in Seconds

Stop Scratching: How to Remove Stickers from Jars in SecondsPixel analyzer

The need to promote recycling of waste generated at home is already deeply recognized by the vast majority of people. Last year, Spain delivered nearly 1.6 million tons for recycling in packaging alone. All types: plastic, brick, metal and cardboard.

However, some of the products we buy in supermarkets have asecondary utility, different from the one in which it was originally made. In quite a few households, before putting an oddly shaped bottle or the classic Coca-Cola bottle, to name two very common examples, into the recycling bin, they end up keeping it. so that? For different reasons.

While previously the most common trend was to use containers to store the small items we have scattered around the house, now for some time now there has been an increase in the preference for using these containers for home decoration. Not keeping the original look but customizing them to our liking.

The problem arises in the first step of transformation.Be that happy brand sticker It refuses to go away. The factory’s intention to eliminate this image becomes more and more complicated, as if the glue used is more resistant, which makes consumers lose their patience, they finally give up the operation, and then the nails are scratched too much, or they end up with nails rupture. The job sucks. Scrape the surface too much with a knife.

The fact is, remove the labels and glue from the product glass and plastic It’s much simpler than it looks. You don’t need to invest a lot of time or ruin your nails.

Tips for removing stickers from jars

Below we’ll go over a few label and glue removal methods for glass and plastic jars. In some cases, you will have to use multiple tags if they won’t disappear.

boiling water

This is the simplest. Very effective, especially in glass jars. You simply immerse the jar in a pot of water. Boiling for a few minutes is enough for the labels to start peeling off.

soap and vinegar

If the label refuses to disappear, use the second trick. Submerge the container in a pot of water and add dish soap and vinegar. If there are still traces of the label after boiling for five minutes, after the container has cooled, wipe it with a scouring pad (or sandpaper) to remove any remaining sticker.

Baking soda mixed with oil

Only if you haven’t achieved the first two goals yet. It involves making a paste by mixing equal parts baking soda and olive oil. Cover the area of ​​the sticker to be removed with this paste and leave it on for at least 15 minutes. Finally wipe with a scouring pad or water-based sandpaper.

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