Stranger Food for Stranger Things: a recipe book straight from the small screen (from the 80s)

strange food For very strange things. Recipe books inspired by a successful movie or TV series are a special category of gastronomy publications. Books that serve to satisfy the desire of the drunken viewer to feel part of the fandom even at the table, and not to create a culinary avant-garde. Stranger Food is no exception to this rule, with authors Silvia Casini, Raffaella Fenoglio and Francesco Pasqua collecting and reimagining the recipes that appear in Stranger Things, one of the most successful Netflix TV productions in recent years.

upside down kitchen

Series for the uninitiated created Duffer Twins (Matt and Ross) and tells about the dystopian events taking place in the town of Hawkins, Indiana, closely related to what is happening in the so-called Upside downa parallel dimension in which monstrous creatures live and act (of course, not in a very decent way), with which the main characters will come into contact.

Consolation of orphans

The series first aired in 2016, immediately causing an enthusiastic response from viewers and critics. Gradually, three more seasons have dropped out, and now the fifth is being prepared for release and has already been announced as the last, which is already orphaning fans of the product, also annoyed that the Hollywood strike is slowing down its release.

Stranger Things, Eighties Dishes

So Eleven fans (and fans of Winona Ryder, who plays Joyce Byers on the show) can console themselves with spignattando à la Stranger, even if we suspect they’ll have to settle for fairly simple cuisine. The series is actually set in the 1980s, not the golden age of fine dining (the two very nerdy Duffer brothers are from 1984, after all), and the volume’s iconic recipe is one that allows you to cook waffles in an egg. packaged product currently distributed by the famous Kellogg’s.

Waffles with whipped cream

Eggo Waffles appears in a few scenes on the show, but fans love the scene from the first season of Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, a mysterious lab escaped creature who steals four boxes from a supermarket. In the second season, the same industrial cookie reappears in a scene where Eleven herself gorges herself on them in the company of Detective Hopper, intending to make up for a broken promise to the girl, and prepares a double version with whipped cream. Exactly the one suggested in the book, based on eggs, flour, milk, butter, sugar, baking powder, vanilla, chocolate, whipped cream and Smarties. After all, success is simple. Just too much.

strange food – Silvia Casini, Raffaella Fenoglio and Francesco Pasqua – Trenta Editore – 144 pages – 14 euros

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