Stranger Things 5: Will Byers will be the main character of the final season

The show’s creators reaffirm their desire to bring young Byers back into the spotlight so he’ll be the first to go to the Upside Down. The public loves their translator Noah Schnapp more and more.

Ending very strange thingsthe TV show, which has been running since 2016 and is eagerly awaited for its fifth season, will bring together all the plots and storylines, even those that have been somewhat delayed in recent episode cycles.
Among them is the one Will Bayers, the most introverted of the group of young protagonists, is in the foreground in the first season and more in the background in the following ones.
Ross Duffer, co-creator of the series, confirms that in very strange things 5 character played by Noah Schnapp will play a key role. After all, he is the first to enter the Inverted and may hold the keys to understanding the mysteries of the disturbing parallel dimension.

Young Byers will return to the center of the story

Big story about very strange thingsThe name Netflix, which eventually became a true streaming television phenomenon, left no room for the evolution of Will Byers/Noah Schnapp, one of the characters who contributed the most to the development of the series, especially in the first and second episodes. season.
The writers, who over time have focused more on the characters of Millie Bobby Brown, the David Harbor-Winona Ryder pairing, and other teenage protagonists, believe Will will play an important role in the story’s explosive ending.
In an interview with diversityDuffer confirmed that Will’s return to the center of the storyline is motivated closure of the emotional arc belongingthe whole story. The character who is the most sensitive of the group of friends, the smallest and the most withdrawn, should have been protected to mature and become a young man.
Will, who inspired the incredible adventure of the Hawkins boys, will be the beating heart of the grand finale. And fans, becoming more attached to the character and his interpreter, can only rejoice at this.

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The Journey of Will and Noah Schnapp

Since the extraordinary journey very strange thingsviewers recognized the faces that bring the series to life, even off set.
Noah Schnapptalented actor who gave body and character to Will Byers, undoubtedly became one of favorite star of the show.
A New Yorker born in 2004, he made headlines in early 2023 due to his social media revelation. The actor in numerous interviews this last season admitted that he came to the conclusion that he should publicly announce his sexual orientation also in regards to what happened to his alter ego on the small screen.
When Will Byers revealed his feelings for childhood friend Mike (actor Finn Wolfhard), fans showed great affection for the character, and the heat allowed Schnapp to reveal something he hadn’t dared to admit in eighteen years, not even his family.
The coming out relieved the actor of the heaviness in his stomach that he always carried with him, but the instant understanding of his loved ones made him everything is easier. The Internet community has also expressed their approval of Schnapp’s bravery and everyone can’t wait to see him in action again in very strange things 5 which does not yet have an official release date.

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